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A selection of technical articles, quality standards defined by international bodies, theory of cooling technologies.

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What is the difference between evaporative and adiabatic cooling? In which cases should you choose an open- or closed-loop cooling tower? What is subcooling? A continuously updated section to answer frequently asked questions in the industrial and civil fields.

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Theory of Cooling Technologies

How open and closed circuit cooling towers, evaporative condensers and adiabatic systems work: a quick guide to the knowledge of cooling technologies.

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HBR Hybrid Cooler
News_Assoclima Video on Cooling Tower Maintenance

Best Practices

The guidelines to grant your cooler’s efficiency and safety are recommended by international authorities: Eurovent, Assoclima (Confindustria – Italian Association of industry) and Cooling Technology Institute. We always aim at attending Italian and European regulatory conferences in our field.

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All about cooling technologies. Technical solutions, components and accessories, physical notions: the terminology of evaporative and adiabatic theory with terms and definitions from A to Z.

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Theory of Cooling Technologies_Open-Circuit Cooling Towers

Industrial Process Cooling: What to Know

Comparison of cooling technologies: evaporative, adiabatic, air, mechanical. Design and construction of industrial cooling systems. Sectors, case studies, cooling solutions on the market.

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Cooling Tower: Operation and Use

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Technical Articles in Cooling Technologies

Technical Articles

The right section if you want to know more about cooling technologies: evaporative cooling towers, adiabatic coolers, dry coolers, chillers for industrial processes. Here you will see how to manage each plant.

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Adiabatic Cooling System: What to Know

Adiabatic cooling and adiabatic coolers in detail: description, function, applications. Adiabatic cooling compared to evaporative cooling.

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Efficiency and safety of coolers go hand in hand with proper maintenance.

We follow the official guidelines of international bodies while advising you on the best solution for correct plant management and for water treatment in the case of cooling towers, including Eurovent, Assoclima (Confindustria – Italian Association of Industries) and the Cooling Technology Institute. Ensuring an institutional presence at Italian and European regulatory round tables is one of our objectives.

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