PME-E Open-Circuit Evaporative Cooling Tower

for medium to large systems

A light and non-corrodible open-circuit evaporative cooling tower: process industry and HVAC operators will be able to count on its multiple versions and ease of transport and installation.

Easy accessibility.

Easy accessibility. Completely removable walls for easy and total access to the internal components.

Certificated perfomances.

Certificated perfomances. K12 version with certified performance, primarily for the HVAC industry.

Limited noise levels.

Limited noise levels. Sound reducing solutions on customer request.

Efficiency and optimal resourse use.

Efficiency and optimal resourse use. MITA solutions are selecterd trough advanced software in order to fit the plant characteristics.

Quick pay-back.

Quick pay-back. Pre-selection performed together with the client, based on their project requirement.

Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0. Possibility of control, monitoring and data collection on company management system.

How it Works

The PME-E open evaporative tower uses the efficient principle of evaporative cooling: the forced evaporation of a small quantity of water causes a drop in the temperature of the main water mass. The corrosion-proof fibreglass sandwich panelling ensures that the equipment is lightweight.

All models are fully pre-assembled in our factory.

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Technical Features

  • Axial motor-fan with direct coupling, low installed power, low noise levels.
  • Support structure in hot dip galvanized steel after fabrication.
  • Distribution system in PVC or PP equipped with wide non-clogging PP spray nozzles.
  • Fill pack with different kinds of air/water channels, suitable for the use with different water types.
  • Certified PP drift eliminators (entrainment 0.01%).
  • Tank with sloping base entirely made of fibreglass.
  • Capacity: from 860 kW to 2.6MW (indicative capacity referring to a machine, thermal gradient 5°C).
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    Application Field:

    PME-E K12 with Certified Performances

    Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) & Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) together provide the international certification of cooling towers. Performance certification is the basis for end-users, consultants, contractors, manufacturers and government to ensure correct investment in quality products.

    Download Eurovent certificate
    Cooling Sustainability of PME-E Open Cooling Tower

    Environmental and economic sustainability of PME-E open cooling tower

    • Use of water for efficient heat transfer (i.e., cooling of the process fluid).
    • Low and further optimizable energy use.
    • Extremely small installation spaces.
    • Falls within the product categories that MITA is able to regenerate.
    • Indication of “carbon footprint” from the MITA team.
    Learn more about the sustainability of MITA cooling solutions


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    Preliminary plant evaluation

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