Alchemist Adiabatic Subcooler

Commercial Refrigeneration

Commercial refrigeration (cold storage) is a particularly advanced sector, demanding and attentive to both consumption and the reliability of the technologies adopted: for this reason, MITA has developed some innovative solutions to increase performance while ensuring operational continuity.

Installation Context

Installation Context large organized distribution, supermarkets.


Requirements continuity of operation, efficiency, performance increase, natural refrigerants.

Overview of Cooling Technologies

Overview of Cooling Technologies subcoolers for refrigeration.

Subcoolers for commercial refrigeration

Alchemist is a simple and compact patented product, designed to increase chillers’ power and seasonal energy efficiency, specifically for retrofitting. Alchemist has been
developed by MITA cooling technologies for commercial refrigeration (food-storage), a particular and demanding sector, focused on efficiency and reliability.

The adiabatic subcooler designed by MITA increases the efficiency in the commercial refrigeration, without alteration to general plant configuration: it’s only necessary to intercept fluid coming from condensers and to design Alchemist electrical and water connections.

When installing the adiabatic subcooler? In all the cases where there is a refrigeration system for supermarkets. Available a range for Commercial Refrigeration, CO2 plants (R744): Refrigeration capacity from approximately 50 [kWf] to 500 [kWf], depending on the needs and the size of the shop.

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Alchemist Adiabatic Subcooler for Refrigeration

Adiabatic subcoolers installed in supermarkets in northern Italy

A frequent aim of innovation is to switch to sustainable technologies without any deterioration in performance. This concept is also applicable to the new commercial refrigeration systems in which the Alchemist series of adiabatic subcoolers patented by MITA Cooling Technologies have been installed.

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