MDC-V Dry Cooler a V

MDC-V V-Type Dry Cooler

for medium and large plants

Ease of installation, operation and maintenance–serving even large systems: this is the MDC-V V-shaped dry cooler. The peculiar design of the coils allows a larger heat exchange surface area than table-top dry cooler systems. All in an easily scalable solution.

Zero water.

Zero water. Ambient air is the only means of cooling.

Increased air flow rate.

Increased air flow rate. Coils with V-shaped design allow more heat exchange surface area than table design: useful for medium and large systems.

Simple operation and maintenance.

Simple operation and maintenance. Design and operation avoid any complexity.

Low acquisition costs.

Low acquisition costs. Excellent solution for a low initial investment.


Scalability. Possibility of adding subsequent systems in a modular view.

Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0. Ability to control, monitor and collect data on company management system.

MDC-V V-shaped dry cooler system: operation

The MDC-V series of V-type dry coolers supports process cooling in medium-sized or large plants: in fact, the air flow rate is increased compared to table dry coolers such as MDC-F.

As with all dry coolers (or air coolers, or dry cooler systems) it is the sensible heat exchange between air and water that ensures heat dissipation: outside air is in fact drawn in by fans through a finned coil. The process fluid (water or water plus glycol) in a shell and tube coil is cooled when air laps its surface. The heat exchange surface area is increased by the fins on the coil itself: greater efficiency and also compactness.

A plus of the closed loop: the process fluid is never in contact with external elements, thus preserving its quality.

The basic version of the MDC-V dry cooler uses electronically controlled (EC) fans, the only component of the system that uses electricity. The electronic control automatically adjusts the speed of the fans (from 10 to 100 percent) to keep the temperature of the fluid output constant. Speed control together with EC fans saves energy when ambient temperatures or heat load are below the rated value.

However, it is possible to request a variant with AC motors: in this case, a phase-cut controller is used that adjusts the fan speed (up to 40% of the rated speed) based on the signals received from the temperature probe.

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Technical features of MDC-V: V-shaped dry cooler

  • Versions: Single or Double row of fans.
  • Frame made of press-folded galvanized sheet metal (1.5 mm thick) suitable to adequately support the weight of the heat exchange coils.
  • Coil type: Cu/Al.
  • Motor type: EC (or alternatively AC).
  • Control panel (for EC motors).
  • Number of fans: 1 ÷ 16.
  • Thermal capacity: 20 kW to 2000 kW.
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