Maintenance Technicians

You will not worry about deadlines

Ordinary, extraordinary or predictive maintenance is not a problem anymore: nor in evaporative cooling towers nor in adiabatic coolers. Just rely on an advisor reminding you of the deadlines and taking care of your plant’s efficiency and safety.

Routine and extraordinary maintenance

The routine maintenance of cooling towers, evaporative condensers, adiabatic dry coolers and industrial chillers follows a predefined schedule, almost like the servicing of a car: structure, fluid management, spare parts have their own “frequency”.

Extraordinary maintenance must be added to this: for example, for the replacement of worn parts or criticalities that arise in the management of the equipment.

We design simple machines (easily accessible and with materials designed to “live” for a long time), which require simple but necessary appointments.

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Technical Specialists from MITA Cooling Technologies

MITA Service: targeted interventions and a range of spare parts

You don’t know how often you need to intervene and when you need extraordinary maintenance? No need to worry. The industrial and commercial cooling consultants are here for you.

And for that there is the MITA Service division:

  • We know the “schedule” of all seasonal and special operations of your cooler and are able to report them to you in advance,
  • We will intervene with specialised personnel to maintain or clean your cooler.
  • We will also offer you the best solutions to keep your cooling system in top working order, including a very wide range of spare parts such as motorised fan units, heat exchanger packs and distribution systems.

Advantages of MITA Service

  • Efficiency, performance and safety over time.
  • The reliability and timeliness of experienced technical staff.
  • No need to think about deadlines: we’ll take care of it!
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Tools to help you choose

Cooling Advisors

First goal: ask the right questions to the customer and involve him selecting the best cooler. We have been doing this since 1960.

Preliminary plant evaluation

The visit to the plant is a fundamental moment to find the right information on your needs, together with your technicians and the engineering firms involved.

Tailor-made design

Complete range of coolers and chillers, dozens of variants for each type, solutions for each application and important customizations: MITA's design is truly tailor-made.