Cooling Technologies for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Cooling Technologies for Industrial Wastewater

The different phases of the industrial water treatment process require defined cooling temperatures in accordance with regulations. In this sector, it is preferable to use cooling towers with anti-clogging fill packs for industrial contaminated water.

Installation Context

Installation Context Chemical and pharmaceutical, food industry, tannery, metal works.


Requirements dirty waters handling, long life, high water flow rates, circumscribed output temperatures.

Overview of Cooling Technologies

Overview of Cooling Technologies open cooling towers for dirty waters applications.

Cooling technologies for industrial wastewater: an example of a process

A plant with industrial extruders is an example of a process involving the cooling of wastewater.

Thanks to the cooling of the process water, achieved through the use of evaporative towers, the operation of the extruders is optimally regulated; the installed electrical power is limited, since the absorption of each individual tower, with axial fan, is half that of a centrifugal tower of equal power. These results are the result of very low internal pressure drops and the use of low-speed, high-efficiency helical fans.

The models installed by MITA have a low noise impact; the corrosion-resistant materials used guarantee perfect efficiency and long life of the towers; the presence of removable side walls also simplifies maintenance activities.

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WWTP Plant in Sweden #1

Cooling Revamp of a Wastewater Treatment Plant

In 2019, MITA Cooling Technologies sold 4 PME-E open circuit cooling towers to a Swedish paper mill. The "Super Silent" version of the PME-E makes it possible to meet the customer's extraordinary low sound level requirements.

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