Your Process Cooling Advisor

Industrial Process Cooling: What to Know

Comparison of cooling technologies: evaporative, adiabatic, air, mechanical. Design and construction of industrial cooling systems. Sectors, case studies, cooling solutions on the market.

MCE Evaporative Condenser on Skeinforce

Cooling Plant Construction: What to Know

Cooling of an Industrial Plant

Industrial Plant Cooling: 12 + 1 Things to Consider before Looking for a Manufacturer

Is this the first time you have to deal with the cooling of your industrial plant? Or maybe do you wish to see a complete reference framework to carry out this task for your company? These guidelines will help you choose the best cooling technology for your plant's specific project needs.

ROI in Cooling Technologies with MITA Efficiency

Resource and Efficiency Optimization of Cooling Systems: How to Assess It

The comparison between different cooling technologies: a calculation software can now fulfill this task based on real climatic data.

Comparison among Evaporative and Adiabatic Coolers

Comparison between Cooling Tower and Adiabatic Cooler

Comparison of cooling tower (or evaporative tower) and adiabatic cooler: water and energy use, performance.

HBR Hybrid Cooler

Theory of Cooling Technologies

How open and closed circuit cooling towers, evaporative condensers and adiabatic systems work: a quick guide to the knowledge of cooling technologies.

Glossary of Cooling Technologies
Some simple notions even for non-technicians.

Cooling & Refrigeration Glossary

All about cooling technologies. Technical solutions, components and accessories, physical notions: the terminology of evaporative and adiabatic theory with terms and definitions from A to Z.

Green Deal for Cooling Technologies

European Green Deal and Cooling

The European Commission has set itself the goal of achieving climate parity in 2050. The development of the economy must be sustainable, just think that over 75% of EU28 greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to energy production and the 20% is attributable to the industrial sector.