Cooling Technologies for a High-Quality Food Process_Case Study

Cooling Technologies for a High-Quality Food Process

Più di cento anni fa era un meleto: ora è una delle industrie alimentari più importanti in Svezia. Questa è l’azienda a cui MITA Cooling Technologies e CAMPreq hanno fornito le proprie soluzioni – rispettivamente, come produttore e consulente del raffreddamento di processo.

  • Large Swedish food & beverage company
  • Closed-loop cooling solution, to preserve the quality of the production process
  • Additional supply, MITA Control System: the integrated system to modulate machine performance
Swedish juice company
Scania, Sweden
Type of interlocutor
Local distributor
Scope of application
Food sector, juice production
Story in Brief
The end client is a large Swedish juice producer: it has origins in the 1800s when it was an apple orchard in the Scandinavian region of Skåne, currently still family-owned. The company was followed on site by CAMpreq, MITA's historical partner in Northern Europe, with a tradition of proactively listening to the industry customer.
List of customer needs
Cooling of the process fluid in the bottling stage
Need to keep the fluid (and the values needed for the production process) unchanged
Flow rate 11 m3/H (defined after the study shared with MITA and CAMpreq)
Output fluid and temperature
Water at 22°C (from the initial 45°C)
Technologies provided
Cooling Tower MCC E3-17 D
MITA Control System: integrated electronically controlled system for automatic modulation of tower operation parameters
Detailed and shared needs analysis
On-site transportation and installation
Key to success
Closed-loop cooler, which keeps the fluid unchanged
Continuous customer support from MITA and on-site distributor CAMpreq
Detailed and proactive analysis of the end customer's needs
Non-corrodibility and long service life of the proposed solution

1. The company

In food & beverage, it is important to preserve the quality of the finished product even more than in other industries; therefore, the cooling circuit must also play its part. Closed-loop evaporative towers meet this need better than other solutions.

The client of MITA Cooling Technologies and CAMPreq is a manufacturer of beverages, juices and ciders. The historic location in southern Sweden also houses a restaurant and a boutique product outlet. This business, which began in the late 1800s, continues to leverage family ownership. “Fruit products continue to be processed locally thanks to the knowledge accumulated over four generations,” the owners proudly say.

It is a mission that has a natural ally in the fertility of Skåne, a southern region of Sweden with a much milder climate than the rest of the country. And with a rural landscape that encourages the continuation of these culinary traditions.

2. Installation context and requirements

The Swedish customer asked for support from MITA and CAMPreq to complement the bottling phase of its production process: once the bottles are filled with juice, the fluid used to cool them must be recovered and requires a heat exchange process to return to the initial temperature.

The required thermal difference was considerable, going from 45 to 22 degrees, but with a relatively modest required water flow rate: about 11 m3/h.

A key fact for choosing the best cooler: it is a fluid that comes in contact with sterilized bottles. It must therefore retain its purity properties so as not to contaminate the primary circuit.

3. The proposed solution

The analysis of the requirements led to the choice of a closed-circuit cooling tower, type MCC E3-17 D.

The closed circuit, in particular, is the best solution to preserve the quality of the liquid to be cooled: in fact, the latter circulates in a tube bundle and does not come into direct contact with the cooling water of the evaporative tower.

Two connotations are then the MITA autograph on the evaporative coolers: fiberglass as a non-corrodible material and side doors for easy inspection and maintenance of the internal components.

This is complemented by the MITA Control System: the integrated system for modulating the performance of the machine as it is used.

4. Key to success

Both MITA Cooling Technologies and CAMPreq have as their core mission customer service and support in making the best choice. Often the requirement is not clear to the user in every detail: the selection of the appropriate cooler must therefore follow a series of interviews with the end user and analysis of the production process.

The case of the Swedish food company was no exception. Temperature output and time requirements were not clear from the outset to the user: on-site support from a CAMPreq engineer was therefore essential.

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