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Your Process Cooling Advisors

We start from your plant needs: we offer you advice during all project phases with advanced tools, 60 years of experience in cooling, the solidity of an international Group.

Your Process Cooling Advisors since 1960

MITA Cooling Technologies supports customers with preliminary performances and resource use analysis to propose always the best cooling solution.
30,000 coolers installed worldwide, 35 countries served directly. 60 years of history lived as a commitment to engineers, plant integrators and end-users.

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MITA Group Team

Work with Us

A young and... thermodynamic team

We are always looking for trained people with a desire to grow: the average age of the working group is 41 years.
Write to us, you could join the MITA Cooling Technologies team.

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Quality, Environment and Safety Certifications

We have an integrated management system for Quality, Environment and Safety. For some years, we have been producing the energy for our production processes internally and in a sustainable way.

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Certifications of MITA Cooling Technologies
Research & Development Department in MITA Cooling Technologies

Research & Development

The cooling technologies of tomorrow

Innovative solutions, research for new materials, performance tests: we try to offer you cutting-edge cooling technologies and we do it thanks to major investments in the R&D Department. Nonetheless, we have the aim of always remaining reliable.

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MITA Group

Reliability, Sustainability, Innovation

A global team of 150 people: engineers, manufacturers and above all advisors for cooling, refrigeration and wastewater treatment technologies. We serve both industrial and the civil sector. The same mission: to always be by your side, from design to after-sales.

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MITA Group

MITA Cooling Technologies at a glance

MITA Cooling Technologies designs, manufactures and markets:

– open and closed-circuit cooling towers for civil and industrial waters

– evaporative condensers

– adiabatic coolers and condensers

– gas coolers

– subcoolers

– complete cooling systems.

In 60 years of history, over 30,000 systems have been installed throughout Europe.

Personal solutions are provided for each customer, according to their actual needs. A preliminary consultancy service that ends with the selection of the product, always focusing on energy saving and respect for the environment.

MITA Cooling Technologies is part of the MITA Group, an Italian business group that is developing at an international level. The other companies belonging to the group are:

– TORRAVAL Cooling

– Frigofluid

– MITA Water Technologies

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