Evaporative Cooler

Do you want performance and efficiency for your system? Then the cooling towers and evaporative condensers ensure both in an extraordinarily simple way. Innovative technical measures reduce water consumption and noise levels.

Requirement: performance, safety, small footprint

Often the cooling component of industrial or civil plants, especially large ones, requires significant thermal gradients of the fluid. High performance, compact dimensions and, of course, safety. One of the most versatile solutions for all this is evaporative cooling.

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PME-E Cooling Tower for a Large Plant in Netherlands

The solution: cooling towers and evaporative condensers

An evaporative cooler uses water to bring the temperature of the fluid close to the “wet bulb” temperature of the installation area.

Operation of evaporative cooling

This category includes wet cooling towers and industrial refrigerant gas condensers).

The heat exchange can be direct (open circuit towers) or indirect (closed circuit evaporative towers, industrial condensers): the high performance and the possibility of managing the cooling process with maximum safety do not change.

Safety management in evaporative cooling

International third-party organisations such as Eurovent and the Cooling Technology Institute outline good practices for proper water management in cooling towers and evaporative condensers. You can also manage your plant efficiently and safely through integrated cooling systems:

  • cooling plants to contain control equipment,
  • control systems equipped with inverters to automate equipment operation,
  • conditioner dosing and salinity control equipment.

Evaporative cooling has two allies

They are cooling technology 4.0 and noise protection innovations.

  • With remote control platforms, you can have the performance of your evaporative cooler just a click away in your management system (Industry 4.0).
  • In civil buildings, it has become necessary to keep the noise down: low-speed fans and sound-absorbing hoods are the simple and effective solution.

So you can always count on highly efficient and “environmentally friendly” cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

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Some MITA Projects

Fonderia Casati is Industry 4.0 also thanks to MITA cooling systems

Cooling technologies to support not only a process but a future vision of the business. Fonderia Casati, a long-standing company based in Varese, has no doubts on what it will take to keep its competitiveness at European level: the automation of its industrial processes, by implementing an integrated data flow between its production line and management control. MITA Cooling Technologies, therefore, provided this customer with an evaporative tower and a cooling management and monitoring station: the data collected by the system will, in fact, be sent to the company’s internal management and will help optimize the production processes.

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Cooling technologies for a high-quality food process

More than a hundred years ago it was just an apple orchard: now it is one of the leading food industries in Sweden. This is the company to which MITA Cooling Technologies and CAMPreq have provided their solutions – respectively as a manufacturer and a cooling process advisor. In the food & beverage sector, it is important to preserve the quality of the finished product even more than in other industries: therefore, the cooling circuit must play its part. Closed-circuit evaporative towers meet this need better than other solutions.

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