Cooling Tower Protection

The cooling towers of MITA Cooling Technologies are produced with materials that guarantee a very long duration over time: fibreglass, PP and PVC, hot-dip galvanized steel. Furthermore, the customer can choose C-Protection Coating: the additional protection of hot-dip galvanized steel parts.

Maximum corrosion protection

Cooling towers are devices installed outdoors and always in contact with water. The ones proposed by MITA Cooling Technologies are produced with materials granting a very long product life over time. Here are some examples:

  • Fiberglass: composite material. It allows the best corrosion resistance characteristics for any application. It is used for water collection tanks, external covers and fan diffusers.
  • PP and PVC: plastic materials, for heat exchange packs, fittings and pipes.
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel: it is used for the structural elements and shell and tube batteries, after an important phase of hot-dip galvanizing (≥ 80μm, following all processes).

Steel components can be offered in a “stainless” version (aisi 304, aisi 316), or covered with a special protective varnish, “C-Protection Coating”, to be applied to the already galvanized parts.

These options are useful for those installation contexts where an aggressive environment or the water chemical characteristics require it; or again, where you want to increase the resistance of the component to the external environment, perhaps with a limited additional investment (with the protective coating).

Cooling Tower Protection

Advantages of C-Protection Coating

  • Additional protection to parts made of hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • Cost-effective alternative to stainless steel.
  • Water saving, higher concentration factor.
  • Designed around water quality, environmental conditions and expected product life.
  • Low maintenance.
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