Noise Reduction in Cooling Systems

When performances are silent

Not only do civil and urban contexts prefer cooling systems and low-noise technical solutions: even industries are increasingly sensitive to this issue. Some of the possible solutions are low-speed fans and sound-absorbing technical features.

Noise reduction in industrial coolers

In civil and urban contexts (but not only), strict compliance with noise limits is increasingly required: environmental standards such as ISO 3744 define how to measure the noise of machinery.

Offices, schools, public buildings and hospitals use air-conditioning or combined heat and power systems (with attached coolers) that have to meet certain standards. Industrial processes also increasingly require this.

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Sound-Absorbing Solutions in Cooling Technologies

Special selection and noise reduction solutions on cooling systems

Reducing noise emissions is not a problem: simply view, select and configure a cooling tower or adiabatic cooler with simple and effective technical solutions:

  • fans with special profiles
  • motors with reduced speeds,
  • PLCs to optimise operating hours and frequency.
  • And in the specific case of evaporative towers, sound-absorbing hoods.

Advantages of low-noise solutions

  • Healthy working and living environment.
  • The peace of mind of complying with increasingly stricter regulatory requirements.
  • No risk of loss of efficiency or performance.
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