Best Cooling Practices

Official documents on efficiency, consumption reduction, safety

The guidelines to grant your cooler’s efficiency and safety are recommended by international authorities: Eurovent, Assoclima (Confindustria – Italian Association of industry) and Cooling Technology Institute. We always aim at attending Italian and European regulatory conferences in our field.

Management Advice for Efficiency in Cooling Technologies

Think Today, Save Tomorrow: a Flyer by Eurovent

Results of special biennial project “Evaporative Cooling 2030”, aimed at underlining CO₂ emissions saved by evaporative cooling industry (and what it can be done for the future): refrigeration plants with wet cooling towers have the lowest CO₂ footprint on an annual basis.

The Project was conducted thanks to the collaboration of the main European players in this sector: MITA Cooling Technologies was among them.

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Best Practice How to Evaluate & Minimise the Water Consumption

Eurovent Recommendation 9/13

“Evaporative Cooling Equipment: how to Evaluate and Minimise the Water Consumption”.

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Best Practice Eurovent Keep Cooler Efficient & Safe

Eurovent Recommendation 9/7 – 2018

“Recommended Code of Practice to keep your Cooling System efficient and safe”. A code of good practices to keep evaporative cooling systems efficient and safe. Document by Product Group Evaporative Cooling Equipment.

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Best Practice European Evaporative Cooling Industry

Eurovent Monograph 9/1 – 2019

“The European Evaporative Cooling Industry in a Nutshell”.

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Best Practice Saving Resources by Going Evaporative

Saving Sources by Going Evaporative

“Saving resources by going evaporative: how evaporative cooling technologies and water cooled chillers can significantly reduce energy demands”.

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Best Practice Consumption Reduction in Evaporative Cooling Technologies

Energy Use Reduction

“Ridurre i consumi energetici tramite l’impiego di tecnologie di raffreddamento evaporativo e chiller condensati ad acqua” (Italian only). Document by Assoclima, ANIMA Confindustria, Eurovent.

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News_Assoclima Video on Cooling Tower Maintenance

Tower Maintenance from Assoclima

(Italian Association of Air Conditioning Systems manufacturers federated with ANIMA Confindustria) “Cooling towers maintenance”.

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Cooling Towers by Assoclima

Cooling Towers from Assoclima

From the Italian Association of Manufacturers of Air Conditioning Systems federated with ANIMA Confindustria Meccanica Varia: “Cooling Towers”.

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Best Practice Assoclima Correct Evaporative Cooler's Maintenance

Press Release by Assoclima

“Advantages of a proper cooling tower maintenance” (Italian text).

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