Cooling Technologies for a Feta Cheese Logistics Center in Greece_Case Study

Cooling Technologies for the Cold Chain in Logistics

Foodstuff storage at temperatures below zero can be implemented through different types of natural or non-natural refrigerants: evaporative or adiabatic condensers can be indicated, depending on whether the company is focused on performance or resource use optimization. Low noise solutions are often appreciated.

Installation Context:

Installation Context: food storage (dairy products, fruit and vegetables, meat and cold cuts).


Requirements: low resource use, continuity of operation, different refrigerants to condense/cool
efficiency, low noise.

Overview of Cooling Technologies:

Overview of Cooling Technologies: adiabatic condensers, evaporative condensers, remote control systems.

Cooling technologies for the cold chain in logistics: at a glance

The evaporative cooling tower (or other technology) serves to cool the water coming from the condensers, as in all refrigeration units.

The thermal difference considered is classically of 5 ° C, while the calculation of the thermal potential is carried out on the basis of the total cooling capacity of the compressors to be cooled: it is normally expressed in kW or in HP (1 HP = 1 KW x 1 , 36). 

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