Selection Guidelines

A comparison of cooling technologies to clarify ideas

Perhaps you will hear that “There is no absolute best technology, there are single needs for each project”. Do you want to know which technology is right for you? The mirror below can provide you with a rough idea, to be discussed with a good cooling advisor.

The advantages of each cooling solution

It’s not just rhetoric. You can see here how each cooling technology responds to different system situations. As well as allowing different fluid output temperatures and performance.

What is your focus?  What is your plant situation in terms of space requirements, water and energy use, power…?

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Guide to Choice of the Best Cooling Technology IT

Some practical examples

  • Don’t want to use water for your processes? Opt for air cooling.
  • Longer expected life cycle and a good compromise between performance and resource savings? I am in favour of adiabatic cooling.
  • Efficiency and applicability to different sectors? These are the focus of hybrid cooling.
  • Do you want to achieve high performance and the best electric kW/thermal kW ratio? Evaporative cooling is for you.
  • Do you want really low, sub-zero output temperatures? Mechanical cooling (industrial process chillers) is for you.
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