Cooling System Remanufacturing

Do you need an industrial cooler? You can also acquire a remanufactured and efficient cooling system, a solution with low environmental impact, thanks to the application of circular economy principles. Do you need to dispose of an obsolete cooler instead? You can ask for MITA's intervention, which wherever possible will bring it back to life. Cost-effectiveness, process efficiency, environmental protection.

When used (remanufactured) also pays off

The process of cooling system remanufacturing is typically required:

  • by companies needing heat disposal;
  • and by those who want to replace outdated coolers.

For what concerns new installations, it is now also possible to evaluate a range of products brought back to new life and with low impact on the environment.

On the other hand, for those who have a rather outdated system in their home: why not ask MITA Cooling Technologies about its retirement? Our cooling consultants can step in to assess the health of its structure and components and then remanufacture it. You yourself could be the new user of a “like-new” solution: cost-effective, efficient, and what’s more, environmentally sustainable because its new production involved limited use of energy and raw materials.

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Cooler Remanufacturing

Cooling system remanufacturing: how we operate

MITA Cooling Technologies technicians can analyze the condition of the cooler and individual components (paneling, frame, motor-fan assembly, …) with the aim of being able to bring the machinery back to a “new life.”

Benefits of cooler remanufacturing

  • Lower purchase price compared to a new solution.
  • Beneficial disposal processes for those who need to remove a product at the end of its life.
  • For the environment: less use of raw materials and energy, less waste to dispose of.
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Tools to help you choose

Cooling Advisors

First goal: ask the right questions to the customer and involve him selecting the best cooler. We have been doing this since 1960.

Preliminary plant evaluation

The visit to the plant is a fundamental moment to find the right information on your needs, together with your technicians and the engineering firms involved.

Tailor-made design

Complete range of coolers and chillers, dozens of variants for each type, solutions for each application and important customizations: MITA's design is truly tailor-made.