PAD-XS Raffreddatore Adiabatico

PAD-XS Adiabatic Cooler

to cool process water in small plants

Resource optimization of adiabatic cooling, for low flow rates and thermal capacities (20-50 kW), a more efficient alternative than a simple dry cooler. PAD-XS has a compact design with small footprint and low noise: an excellent solution for process cooling and small HVAC systems.

Reduced footprint.

Reduced footprint. Ideal for small systems and small installation spaces.

Automated operation.

Automated operation. Inverters and probes to regulate fans and wetting cycles.

Compact and integrable design.

Compact and integrable design. Simple and easily integrated into existing systems.

Efficiency and optimal resource utilization.

Efficiency and optimal resource utilization. MITA solutions are selected to suit the individual plant through advanced software.

Quick pay-back.

Quick pay-back. Pre-selection together with the client, based on the client's project requirement.

Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0. Ability to control, monitor and collect data on company management system.

PAD-XS adiabatic cooler: operation

With the PAD-XS adiabatic cooler (or adiabatic dry cooler), operations managers achieve adiabatic cooling optimization even for low flow rates and thermal capacities.

As with any adiabatic system, the mode of operation is twofold, depending on the time of day and year (all parameterizable thanks to the standard PLC).

  • Dry operation: outside air is drawn in and conveyed to the finned coil. The humidification process is deactivated, there is no presence of water, and the adiabatic section is dry.
  • Adiabatic operation: outside air is drawn in and passed through the adiabatic section (protected inside the machine). The adiabatically cooled air (i.e., at a lower temperature than the outside air) is routed over the finned coil, thus increasing the cooling effect of the fluid.

The system involves the direct use of mains water that requires no specific treatment. In general, the amount of water is minimal and limited to the summer season at a predetermined threshold. No accumulation, no stagnation.

Each unit in the PAD-XS series is fully accessible, for internal inspections, easily, quickly and safely. Low noise levels guaranteed.

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Technical features

  • Operating modes: dry (dry) and adiabatic.
  • Electronically controlled (EC) fans.
  • Support structure made of press-folded galvanized sheet metal and then protected by a cycle of RAL 7016 epoxy paint.
  • Heat exchange coil with copper tubes and aluminum fins. Coil angle, tube diameter, thickness and fin pitch designed to provide the best heat exchange performance with reduced airflow pressure drop.
  • Adiabatic section composed of PVC flocked panels.
  • Aluminum air inlet grille (easily removable) as protection of the adiabatic section.
  • Temperature probes to measure outside air, fluid inside the coil, and humidified air inside the machine.
    Thermal capacity: 20 kW to 50 kW.
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    Application Field:

    Sustainability of the Adiabatic Dry Cooler

    Environmental and economic sustainability of PAD-XS adiabatic cooler

    • Minimal water use (only for adiabatic operation), which is useful for facilitating heat transfer (i.e., cooling of the process fluid).
    • Optimized energy use (higher efficiency due to adiabatic supply).
    • Smaller installation spaces compared to the 100% air solution.
    • Falls within the product categories that MITA is able to regenerate.
    • Indication of “carbon footprint” from the MITA team.
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