Saving water with cooling technologies

Power of analytics software to cut your bill

Water saving means making ends meet for a plant and supporting the circular economy: cooling technologies must also play their part. Engineers and end-users can make the right choice thanks to increasing ranges of technical solutions and support by advanced analytics software.

Saving water in plants

One of the requests from engineering offices, plant designers and end-users is to look at cooling solutions that further reduce water use. This is especially the case in contexts where “blue gold” is an all the more rare resource.

There is a growing sensitivity towards sustainability, in favour of a circular economy: reusing cooling water in the best possible way, also reducing CO2 emissions and energy use.

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Water Saving with Cooling Technologies
Energy & Water Comparison in MITA Efficiency for Cooling Technologies

Which cooling technology saves water?

Adiabatic coolers, also know as adiabatic dry coolers, are a good balance between saving resources (including water) and optimising efficiency. A zero-water consumption solution is simply a classic dry cooler, but in some contexts, it may not provide the necessary performance and have a major impact on production and energy use. Cooling towers and evaporative condensers can guarantee a reduction in water use, if selected and managed correctly.

So which cooling system to choose? It is best to let an advanced solution comparison and resourse use analysis software such as MITA Efficiency “do the talking”. With the help of a cooling consultant who can suggest the most appropriate technology.


  • Choice of many water-saving cooling solutions.
  • “Objective” selection by software, tailored to the needs of the individual system.
  • Technical and commercial advice from cooling professionals.
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