Revamping and Retrofitting of Cooling Systems

Your cooling technology back to initial efficiency. Or more

Refurbishment of large towers or targeted anti-corrosion interventions, change of internal components and retrofitting with subcooling: it is not always necessary to replace a cooler or an industrial chiller. It is often more useful to give it a plus.

Requirement: equipment refurbishment and change of parts

When people talk about “revamping” cooling systems, they think of “refurbishing” large concrete cooling towers. In reality, any cooler and chiller can be brought back to full working order: for example with anti-corrosion measures (for coolers not designed in fibreglass) or by replacing its internal components.

It is also useful to think about how to simplify the maintenance of coolers and chillers in order to facilitate future work.

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Plant Revamping in Cooling Technologies

Solution: MITA operations for every cooling technology

We work with our Group partner TORRAVAL Cooling for the revamping of field-mounted industrial towers. We work on the revamping of all cooling technologies with anti-corrosion repainting (for those coolers not designed in fibreglass) and offer a very wide set of spare parts: motor-fan units, louvers and water distribution systems for the towers.

If required, we can make future maintenance of your cooling system easier: for example, by adding side doors to make it easier to inspect the internal components.

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Often people do not think about how much the efficiency of a cooling technology can be increased by retrofitting: an inverter system with PLC added to an industrial cooler optimises consumption, controls and automates operations.

Another example, in commercial refrigeration, is the addition of sub-cooling technology in refrigeration: especially in the case of chillers using natural refrigerant gases. And the increase in performance is guaranteed.

A further requirement is to make cooling equipment quieter: motor-fan units with special configurations and sound-absorbing hoods can help.

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Revamping: un caso studio

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