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Let's talk about your project needs: this is where we start to select the cooling technology that best suits your system. Then we will design a truly tailor-made solution, with the required customizations, calculating the optimization of your consumption with advanced tools.

Cooling need: yours

There is no such thing as the perfect industrial cooler for every type of plant. Production processes, geographical areas of installation, specific performance and optimisation requirements: these are all specific features that need to be taken into account when designing a new industrial cooling system for a (possibly newly opened) plant.

Are we talking about industrial process cooling or civil air conditioning? Do you want high performance, significant thermal gradients, optimisation of water and energy? Will the sound level be a determining variable?

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New Plant Projecting in Cooling Technologies

Solution: design and customise... with the right information

Is it better to have a cooling tower or an adiabatic cooler? Or perhaps a dry cooler? The choice is made by the information you give us. And for this, there is a consultant at your disposal: he will present you with an overview of cooling technologies and different technical solutions using interactive visualisation software.

Then comes the actual design: we offer different types of evaporative and adiabatic coolers, dry coolers and chillers. Each with dozens of dimensional variations. And we can customise even more.

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New... but remanufactured cooling system

A new cooler is not necessarily one that has just been assembled in the factory, it could also be a remanufactured cooler: in fact, we have defined precise internal processes to take back and “recondition” dated products bringing them back as good as new.

This is also a benefit to the environment, from a circular economy perspective: fewer raw materials used and less energy to regenerate the system translate into a production process that is more environmentally friendly, as well as for the company’s costs.

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