PME-E Open Circuit Cooling Tower for a Snowmaking Plant in Austria

Snowmaking Plants

Cooling towers in snowmaking plants are generally used for water pre-cooling for snow cannons: high water flows, high performance and low noise levels are the most frequent requirements. A limited visual impact is often a plus.

Installation Context

Installation Context Water pre-cooling for snow making applications.


Requirements continuity of operation, efficiency, low visual impact, high water flow rates.

Overview of Cooling Technologies

Overview of Cooling Technologies remote control systems, open circuit cooling towers.

Cooling Technologies for Snow Cannons at a Glance

Cooling technologies for artificial snowmaking systems (usually evaporative cooling towers) are usually a “hinge” between the supply water basin and the snow cannons.

Some requirements are made by plant managers and engineering firms:

  • high performance,
  • outgoing water close to zero degrees,
  • operational continuity at low or very low temperatures.

Simplicity of installation and maintenance and the durability of the system are also often appreciated.

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