Cooling Towers for Snowmaking in Hopfgarten

Evaporative Cooling Towers for Artificial Snow in Hopfgarten

In 2015, a snowmaking facility in Hopfgarten, Austria, required efficient cooling towers for snow guns. MITA supplied two fiberglass PME 10004 E CW Snow towers, ensuring high performance and durability. The high efficiency and durability of the solution met the customer’s requirements, contributing the overall efficiency of the snowmaking system.

  • Snowmaking system in Austria
  • Supply of non-corrodible fiberglass towers
  • Efficiency and durability
Snowmaking system operator in Austria
Hopfgarten, Austria
Type of interlocutor
National distributor
Scope of application
Artificial snowmaking
List of customer needs
- Cooling towers for snowmaking system snow cannons
- High-efficiency solution
Powers required
8,8 MW
Other requirements
Water flow rate 270 m3/h
Technologies provided
No. 2 evaporative towers PME 10004 E CW Snow
Key to success
- High efficiency
- Fiberglass solution, non-corrodible and long-lasting

1. Installation context

In 2015, in Hopfgarten, Austria, the operator of a snowmaking facility requested high-efficiency cooling towers for snow cannons. The goal was to provide an efficient solution for snowmaking.

2. Proposed solution

MITA supplied through its local partner two PME 10004 E CW Snow cooling towers. These towers, made of fiberglass, offer a durable and corrosion-resistant solution, providing high performance in cooling the water needed for snow guns.

3. The key to success

The key to the success of this delivery was the high efficiency of the cooling towers. The use of fiberglass was also appreciated, to ensure a durable and long-lasting solution. This solution met the customer’s requirements in terms of cooling capacity and contributed to the overall efficiency of the snowmaking system.

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