Reliable over Time: MITA Cooling Towers in Snow-Making Systems

MITA Cooling Towers in Snowmaking Plants

Manufacturers of artificial snow systems know the importance of combining efficient evaporative cooling towers with snow cannons. This is how these devices are increasingly reliable and “4.0”.

As the ski season approaches, it is worthwhile to focus attention on the renewal of artificial snow production facilities. Cooling towers are among the equipment to be maintained or replaced: these systems represent a fundamental “pivot” of the ski structure. They are in fact the point of contact between the reservoirs and the snow cannons.

Therefore, cooling towers must be reliable by default, ensuring operational continuity to the whole structure: their contribution in cannon water pre-cooling must in fact continue even at very low temperatures. This is true to the point of allowing operators to “forget about their existence”. There are elementary technical measures to guarantee this:

  • heaters for the motor,
  • electric resistances around the fan,
  • exchange packs (in the case of direct cooling circuits) in materials such as polypropylene.

In recent years, technological innovation from an industry 4.0 perspective has also come to the rescue of plant managers: most of the industrial equipment can in fact be connected to platforms for remote control (via desktop or smartphone) of their operating parameters. Cooling towers are no exception to this.

MITA Cooling Technologies, which has been operating as a consultant in industrial and civil cooling for 60 years, has supplied numerous equipment for ski resorts in Europe and around the world:

  • in Italy, as part of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics,
  • in Austria, with supplies to prestigious structures such as Hopfgarten
  • and in Japan, in the prefecture of Gunma.

The North Star: always offering to plant operators easy-to-use devices: MITA produces towers that last over time thanks to the extensive use of fiberglass, equipped with large side doors for easy internal maintenance. Furthermore, they can be integrated with a remote management platform.

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