Management and Maintenance Advice

The best practices of third parties at your service

Cooling technology efficiency and safety thanks to proper maintenance. We advise you on the best solutions for correct plant management and water treatment for cooling towers following the official guidelines of Eurovent and Cooling Technology Institute. The institutional presence at the national and European regulatory tables is one of our objectives.

Efficiency and safety standards in industrial coolers

Eurovent and the Cooling Technology Institute are the international benchmarks for best practice in cooling technology: efficiency, performance and safety.

When advising you on the correct operation and maintenance of evaporative cooling towers and other cooling systems, we refer to these quality standards: we aim to be always present at the technical and thematic tables of the relevant associations, to pass on the best of this technical know-how to you.

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Management Advice for Efficiency in Cooling Technologies

Efficiency and safety: the secrets of the cooling consultant

We will advise you on the operation and maintenance of evaporative towers and adiabatic coolers, with advice on a range of subject areas.

  • Efficiency and optimisation of industrial coolers: implementation of control systems for process automation at certain times of the day or year, possible remote control.
  • Routine and extraordinary maintenance. Periodic checks of the structure or internal components and advice on extraordinary maintenance.
  • Cooling tower water management: correct concentration of salts, water safety against fouling, purging and replenishment.

You can find out more about good practices for the management and maintenance of cooling technologies on the Resources page.


  • The certainty of being able to dedicate to business processes after proper maintenance.

  • Adiabatic coolers with performance always under control (possibly with remote control).

  • Wet cooling towers that can save 56,000 tons of CO2 per year.

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