Adiabatic Cooler

Extraordinary water and energy savings, optimized performance: adiabatic coolers and condensers are increasingly appreciated by engineers and production managers who seek the right balance between the advantages of the dry and evaporative systems.

Requirement: to save water and energy

Operating complex plants with ever-decreasing resources means that it is natural to pay attention to water and energy consumption. A need that cooling technologies have long since remedied.

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Energy Saving with Cooling Technologies
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Solution: adiabatic coolers and condensers

The adiabatic industrial liquid cooler and the adiabatic gas condenser are the natural solution to optimise performance and save resources at the same time:

  • adjustable fan rotation speed,
  • modulation of wetting cycles
  • and flexible operation change from dry to adiabatic are managed by a PLC.

Some technological solutions, such as humidifier packs made of highly absorbent materials, further reduce water consumption.

Expected life cycle and return on investment

Among the commercially available cooling systems, the industrial adiabatic cooler (or “dry cooler with adiabatic pre-coolers”) is one of those with the longest expected life cycle, especially if designed with certain features. Quick pay-back is also guaranteed by low water and energy consumption. Always bearing in mind, of course, any technical limitations that a cooling consultant may have to face: process temperature or installation space.

Energy & Water Comparison in MITA Efficiency for Cooling Technologies
Cooling Technologies_Adiabatic Dry Cooler_Adiabatic Operations

Adiabatic operation in hot periods...

  • The external air passes through the humidifier pack.
  • The adiabatically cooled air is conveyed to the finned coils: the efficiency increases.
  • Capable of working at lower ambient temperatures.
  • No direct contact between water and finned coils.

... Dry operation in cold weather

  • The external air is aspirated and conveyed directly to the coils.
  • Humidification is deactivated: no water in the circuit.
  • Fan speed modulated according to temperature.
  • Guaranteed water and energy savings.
Cooling Technologies_Adiabatic Dry Cooler_Dry Operations

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