Subcoolers in Supermarkets in Northern Italy

Adiabatic Subcoolers in Supermarkets in Northern Italy

Sustainability without performance loss: this was the challenge of a large-scale retail player, with many supermarkets in northern Italy, to which MITA supplied several Alchemist adiabatic subcoolers. A solution for increasing performance in refrigeration systems.

  • Northern Italian supermarkets' need: increase performance in refrigeration equipment
  • Supplying Alchemist subcooling systems through an international machinery manufacturer
  • Increased performance of chillers, measurable energy efficiency
Retail players in northern Italy
Northern Italy
Type of interlocutor
Refrigeration equipment manufacturer (Arneg)
Scope of application
Supermarkets, commercial refrigeration (GDO)
Story in Brief
Arneg, MITA's client, is a famous player in the large-scale retail trade. The commissioning and installation of the client's efficiency solution was followed by Arneg, a prestigious international manufacturer of commercial refrigeration systems.
List of customer needs
- Increased performance of refrigeration systems at R744
- Energy efficiency without loss of performance
- Low noise (supermarkets located near population centers)
Output fluid and temperature
Refrigerant R744 (CO2) cooled
Technologies provided
Alchemist adiabatic subcoolers for CO2 refrigeration systems.
Construction Pluses
EC plug-fan fans (electronic control of operating parameters)
Key to success
- Solution for increased performance with low energy use
- Containment of sound levels

1. Installation context

One bet that innovation often poses is to move to sustainable technologies without loss of performance. This has also been true for those new installations in commercial refrigeration where MITA Cooling Technologies’ patented adiabatic “subcoolers,” Alchemist series, have been provided.

Arneg Spa, an international leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete equipment for the retail sector, also took part in the bet, integrating Alchemist to the refrigeration units of some supermarkets in northern Italy.

Precisely in the sector where Arneg Spa operates, challenges dictated by ecological choices are materializing. Among the most important ones is also the transition from the use of high-GWP refrigerants to lower-GWP refrigerants, particularly R744. Thus, there is also a need to remedy the reduction in energy efficiency resulting from the choice to substitute HFC gases (which are generally better performing).

Arneg SpA, according to its corporate mission, aims to “pursue its economic goals while interacting with the environment,” including through new smart technologies. All this is net of some special requirements: Arneg’s supermarket customers, for example, may be located near residential centers and thus require low-noise solutions.

2. Proposed solution

Alchemist was conceived by MITA Cooling Technologies (a company that has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing evaporative and adiabatic coolers and condensers since 1960) specifically for commercial refrigeration with R744 systems, a particularly demanding sector that is attentive to both consumption and reliability.

The standard version of Alchemist adopts low-noise EC PLUG-FAN fans; in one of the installed machines (5000 S version), sound-absorbing paneling was also provided to further reduce noise impact.

3. The key to success

The use of Alchemist has proven to be optimal in terms of increased performance, while also containing sound levels: the adiabatically treated air (i.e., at a lower temperature than ambient air) goes to “subcool” the refrigerant in the refrigerant circuit. This action leads to an increase in the useful effect and consequently greater efficiency of the refrigeration cycle, which translates into electricity savings.

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