Raffreddamento di Gruppi Frigoriferi dell'Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia di Genova

Cooling of Refrigeration Units at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa

The Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa replaced old cooling towers with three new PME 2054 E K12 Silent cooling towers from MITA. The towers, equipped with Eurovent-certified performance and special features such as a walkable flat roof and vibration switches, provided efficient cooling and simplified management. The project met the Institute’s expectations and contributed to the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

  • Chiller cooling of a public scientific institute, through air conditioning system manufacturer
  • Supply of cooling towers with certified performance and low noise levels
  • Very easy management thanks to special technical offers
Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa
Genoa, Italia
Type of interlocutor
Manufacturer of air conditioning systems
Scope of application
Mechanic in the public sector
Story in Brief
The Italian Institute of Technology is a state scientific organization active since 2005, governed by a private law foundation, created to promote scientific research in Italy. The scientific headquarters is in Genoa Bolzaneto, detached research centers are active in various Italian cities in collaboration with several universities.
List of customer needs
- Cooling of refrigeration units (useful for meeting the Institute's heating needs), replacing centrifugal sheet metal evaporative towers now in poor condition
- Certified performance of the new solutions
Powers required
2.2 MW
Technologies provided
No. 3 open-circuit cooling towers PME 2054 E K12 Silent
Other special offers
- Walkable flat roof with access ladder and protective railings on the floor to ensure access to the motor fan unit
- Vibration switches to signal any faults to the fan units
Construction Pluses
- K12 version with Eurovent certified performance
- Silent version with low noise level
Key to success
Ease of maintenance and management enabled by special technical offerings and constructional pluses
Meeting the expectations of Omega Concept Installations and Systems, lead contractor for the construction of the institute's air conditioning system

1. Installation context

In 2012, the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, a state-run scientific organization, requested a cooling solution for the Institute’s refrigeration units aimed at meeting its thermal needs. The goal was to replace the old sheet metal evaporative towers, now in poor condition, with new solutions that would provide certified performance. Project leader for the air conditioning system: the company Omega Concept Impianti e Sistemi.

2. Proposed solution

MITA Cooling Technologies supplied three PME 2054 E K12 Silent open-circuit cooling towers to the Institute: the K12 model has Eurovent-certified performance, and the Silent version ensures low noise levels due to the low installed power. In addition, the coolers supplied to the Institute have a walkable flat roof with an access ladder and protective railings to ensure access to the fan unit, and vibration switches to signal any faults to the fan units. Efficiency, low noise, simple operation and internal inspection.

3. Results and critical success factor

The cooling towers supplied by MITA met the expectations of the Italian Institute of Technology and the lead contractor Omega Concept Impianti e Sistemi, responsible for the construction of the air conditioning plant. The special technical offerings and construction plusses were particularly appreciated, which on the whole ensure ease of maintenance and operation and also contribute to the overall efficiency of the air conditioning plant.

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