Torre di Raffreddamento per Chiller della Poligenerazione dell'università di Palermo

Cooling tower for the Poly-generation Chiller at the University of Palermo

In 2016, the University of Palermo modernized its buildings with a polygenerative solar system, part of the EU-funded STS-Med project. The absorption chiller needed a cooling system, so a lightweight and quiet PME-E open circuit cooling tower was chosen.

  • Polygeneration scope
  • Provision of a lightweight, non-corrodible and easy-to-maintain PME-E tower
  • Ongoing technical support to the lead partner of the planting project
University of Palermo
Palermo, Italy
Type of interlocutor
Scope of application
Power generation in the public sector
Story in Brief
The University of Palermo was founded in 1806 and is one of Italy's major university centers. In 2016, it modernized some of its buildings with the construction of a polygenerative solar power plant as part of the STS-Med project (funded by the European Commission).
List of customer needs
Cooling of the absorption chiller of the new polygenerative solar power plant
Powers required
90 kW
Technologies provided
No. 1 PME-E open circuit cooling tower
Key to success
- Ongoing technical support to the ARCA Consortium, lead partner of the plant project
- Easy maintenance, thanks to side doors for inspection of internal components

1. Installation context

In 2016, the University of Palermo, one of Italy’s leading university centers founded in 1806, modernized some of its buildings with the construction of a solar power plant, with a polygenerative mode of operation. This initiative was part of the STS-Med project, funded by the European Commission.
The polygenerative solar plant has among its main components an absorption chiller, for the cooling of the fluids of which a cooling system was needed.


2. Proposed solution

The solution selected for cooling the process fluids of the absorption chiller was a PME-E open-loop cooling tower: lightweight and non-corrodible, with the possibility of noise containment through “Silent” version.


3. Critical success factor

MITA provided ongoing technical support to the ARCA Consortium, the project leader of the plant project. Of the solution provided, the possibility of easy maintenance to the internal parts due to the side doors for inspection of the internal components was particularly appreciated.

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