MITA Internet of Things

MITA IoT Platform 4.0

for Remote Management of the Cooler

Your cooler is transformed into a connected cooler “industry 4.0”: performance, consumption, maintenance just a click away.

Remote monitoring.

Remote monitoring. The internet of things allows you to eliminate distances and intermediaries with real-time remote monitoring of each of your machines installed in the world.

The history of the device in a single interface.

The history of the device in a single interface. The life cycle of each individual cooler and of the entire fleet is traced on the basis of the real data of their use.

Diagnostics and prevention.

Diagnostics and prevention. Big data allows you to know the actual use and improve the distinctive performance of your already installed pieces of equipment and their future evolutions.

How it Works

  • Fast edge computing processing and real-time alarm and fault reporting.

  • Complete integration of the data collected in the monitoring, diagnostics and analysis dashboards.

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All the benefits of remote monitoring in an innovative solution specially designed for industrial machinery.

  • Performance monitoring.

  • Real-time monitoring and Big Data collection.

  • Knowledge and analysis of the lifecycle of the cooler.

  • Machine management and data sharing.

  • Diagnostics and prevention.

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    Application Field:
    MITA Connect & Cooling Station & PMS Tower for Fonderia Casati_Case Study

    Fonderia Casati is Industry 4.0 also thanks to MITA cooling systems

    Cooling technologies to support not only a process but a future vision of the business. Fonderia Casati, a long-standing company based in Varese, has no doubts on what it will take to keep its competitiveness at European level: the automation of its industrial processes, by implementing an integrated data flow between its production line and management control. MITA Cooling Technologies, therefore, provided this customer with an evaporative tower and a cooling management and monitoring station: the data collected by the system will, in fact, be sent to the company’s internal management and will help optimize the production processes.

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