Return on Investment in Cooling Technologies

Innovation pays off over the years

Thinking about the ROI of cooling technologies means balancing innovation and cost in equipment lifecycle: which is the solution? It lies in relying on a good advisor and the widest possible range of coolers. Maybe also on an advanced comparison and analytics software.

The ROI of cooling technologies

There is no such thing as the ideal industrial cooler for every type of plant. On the contrary: selecting the right evaporative or adiabatic cooler for the plant context means savings in the long run.

Thinking about ROI means reconciling innovation and the right price: that’s why it is useful to be able to look at a wide range of industrial coolers and chillers and to be able to rely on a good process cooling consultant.

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Modular Industrial Cooling Towers for Vedani Aluminium Processing in Italy
ROI in Cooling Technologies with MITA Efficiency

The solution: cooler analysis software

Is it better to have an evaporative system, an adiabatic system or a dry system in order to have a certain return on investment, perhaps in the shortest possible time? Why not rely on “objective” software?

This is the purpose of MITA Efficiency, which compares different cooling systems in the MITA range under varying annual environmental conditions. The output is a comparison sheet between various solutions and the estimated time to amortise the acquisition made.


  • Guarantee that the estimated return is “objective”
  • Choose the best return on investment by counting on a complete range of coolers.
  • Innovation and long-term savings.
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