Concrete Tanks for Cooling Towers

Reinforced Concrete Tanks

for Cooling Tower Water Collection

A solution to properly (and separately) manage the hot and cold water of the evaporative system. Valves, solenoid valves, taps and fittings are supplied together with the concrete tanks.

Simple and practical solution.

Simple and practical solution. Maximum adaptability and ease of installation.

Double functionality.

Double functionality. Industrial water containment and evaporative tower support surface.

Separate tower water management.

Separate tower water management. Possibility of separation between hot water and cold water tank. Equalization for system balancing.

Advanced consulting.

Advanced consulting. The value of a personal advisor, working alongside the customer for plant management needs.

How it Works

Self-supporting prefabricated tanks consisting of a reinforced concrete monolith to contain industrial water. It can also be used as a support surface for the cooling tower.

The tanks guarantee a thermal flywheel with temperature stability and a good autonomy in case of temporary lack of water supply. Each tank is equipped with a manhole in the upper part to allow inspection and cleaning. Possibility of internal dividing bulkhead to separate hot water from cold water with an equalization system for the correct balancing of the system.

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    MITA Connect & Cooling Station & PMS Tower for Fonderia Casati_Case Study

    Fonderia Casati is Industry 4.0 also thanks to MITA Cooling Systems

    Fonderia Casati, a historic company in Varese, has understood the importance of industrial process automation to maintain its competitiveness at the European level.

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