Energy Saving in Cooling Systems

How to cut its use in a few steps

We can select the right cooling system for your sake thanks to advanced energy use analysis software: this is a response to plant managers and engineering firms, who are increasingly focused to green and "bill-cutting" solutions.

Energy saving in production plants

Optimising resource saving without losing cooling efficiency has become a key issue for plant managers and the engineering firms that support them.

Some production facilities, in particular, can be very energy-hungry, so the cooling system must help to “cut” the bill, as well as helping the company to go green.

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Energy Saving with Cooling Technologies

Software for analysing the energy use of cooling systems

As in other circumstances, relying on efficiency analysis software is the trump card: MITA Efficiency compares different cooling systems from the MITA range. It is a practical support tool, offering a comparative energy use analysis based on the weather conditions in the installation area.

Under certain basic conditions, adiabatic systems can guarantee the balance between resource use savings and performance: however, it is always better to verify the individual design conditions by comparing several solutions: evaporative, adiabatic, dry and mechanical.


  • Energy-saving with optimised performance.
  • Selecting the most suitable cooler saves you money.
  • Production costs
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