Selection Advice for Coolers or Industrial Chillers

Advanced tools to support you

We do not leave you alone in the selection: we study your plant and sector needs together with you. Our configuration and analysis software will make it easier for us to choose. You can also have an overview of the cooling technologies and the various technical solutions in a simple and interactive way, viewable with your project data.

Let's choose your cooler or chiller together

To start with, there is a plant manager or purchasing manager, or an engineering firm, who knows the cooling needs of the plant they are following very well… Or maybe not. That is why the task of a process cooling consultant is, in concrete terms, to guide the customer through the choice, asking him all the questions and choosing the best solution together with him. Based on objective data.

  • What is the geographical area and wet bulb temperature?
  • How important is it to limit the use of resources? How important is the performance of your system?
  • Desired “thermal gradient”?

And so forth.

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Customized Cooling Technologies and Tailor-Made Coolers
Energy & Water Comparison in MITA Efficiency for Cooling Technologies

Advanced selection and resourse use analysis softwares

Every question about the needs of the plant in general, and of the cooling section in particular, results in a different choice of industrial cooler. We try to choose (together with you) as “objectively” as possible with advanced software:

  • interactive presentation of the cooler given your needs with MITA Project,
  • configuration of the cooling technology with your project data,
  • optimisation and performance analysis with MITA Efficiency.
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  • Choice shared and reasoned with the customer: “you are never left alone”.
  • Simple and interactive display of available coolers, construction variants and their advantages.
  • “Objective” selection of the cooler tuned to the customer’s needs.
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Tools to help you choose

Cooling Advisors

First goal: ask the right questions to the customer and involve him selecting the best cooler. We have been doing this since 1960.

Preliminary plant evaluation

The visit to the plant is a fundamental moment to find the right information on your needs, together with your technicians and the engineering firms involved.

Tailor-made design

Complete range of coolers and chillers, dozens of variants for each type, solutions for each application and important customizations: MITA's design is truly tailor-made.