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Cooling technologies, well explained

The right section if you want to know more about cooling technologies: evaporative cooling towers, adiabatic coolers, dry coolers, chillers for industrial processes. Here you will see how to manage each plant.

MCC Closed Cooling Tower Installed

Closed-Circuit Cooling Towers: 3 Reasons why to Choose Them

“There is no best cooler in absolute terms”, says the wise cooling advisor: this means that not always a closed-circuit

Cooling Towers: Components and Materials

The quality of the water to be cooled significantly affects both the choice of constructive materials and fill pack material.

ROI in Cooling Technologies with MITA Efficiency

Resource and Efficiency Optimization of Cooling Systems: How to Assess It

The comparison between different cooling technologies: a calculation software can now fulfill this task based on real climatic data.


Cooling Towers: What They Are, How They Work, How to Maintain Them

How evaporative cooling towers work, performance, internal components, industrial and HVAC applications. Water maintenance and treatment.


Industrial Plant Cooling: 12 + 1 Things to Consider before Looking for a Manufacturer

Is this the first time you have to deal with the cooling of your industrial plant? Or maybe do you wish to see a complete reference framework to carry out this task for your company? These guidelines will help you choose the best cooling technology for your plant's specific project needs.

MCC_Your Process Cooling Advisor

Cooling Tower Manufacturer: how to find the Supplier Who best meets your Needs.

It is not always easy to find your way around the jungle of cooling tower manufacturers as a buyer. See some advice.

Technical Article_Adiabatic Efficiency & Consumption

Adiabatic Cooling: one Eye on Efficiency, the Other on Reliability

Low operating temperatures and high COP, even in the hottest periods. A couple of reasons to consider an adiabatic cooling system.

Technical Article_Comparison among Evaporative and Adiabatic Coolers

Comparison between Cooling Tower and Adiabatic Cooler

Can an adiabatic system always replace a cooling tower? Giorgio Lorenzetti, Technical Manager at MITA, clarifies this statement.

Technical Article_Water treatment in Cooling Towers

Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

Aim of an automatic make-up system, role of a proper chemical treatment, use of osmotised water and how to maintain the circulating water at optimal limits.


Fibreglass cooling towers: why are they still up-to-date?

Many manufacturers of open and closed circuit cooling towers, even large ones, continue to use fibreglass: Giorgio Lorenzetti explains why.