PAD-XL W Adiabatic Cooler

to cool process water

Ideal for water saving maintaining a high efficiency. All operations are managed by PLC with the possibility of remote management in “Industry 4.0” mode. Suitable for both industrial and HVAC fields of application.

Minimum use of resources.

Minimum use of resources. Short wetting cycles only in some seasons, adjustable fan speed for energy saving.

Automatic operations.

Automatic operations. Intelligent regulation of fans and dampening cycles.

Compact and integrable design.

Compact and integrable design. Simple and easily integrated into existing systems.

Efficiency and optimal resourse use.

Efficiency and optimal resourse use. MITA solutions are selected through advanced software in order to fit the plant characteristics.

Quick pay-back.

Quick pay-back. Pre-selection performed together with the client, based on their project requirement.

Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0. Possibility of control, monitoring and data collection on company management system.

How it Works

The adiabatic cooler, sometimes called adiabatic dry cooler or dry cooler with adiabatic pre-coolers, is designed to work with both air and water, with particular attention to efficiency.

The external air is used to cool the liquid during dry operation and it is pre-cooled only in hot periods with wetting cycles of about 15 seconds during adiabatic operation (“adiabatic pre-cooling”).

MITA Patent 2 206 980 B1.

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MITA Adiabatic Systems on Skeinforce

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PAD-V Adiabatic Dry Cooler on BIM Objects

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VDI Hygiene Certificate for PAD-V Adiabatic Coolers and Condensers

VDI Hygiene Certification

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Technical features

  • Models completely preassembled and equipped with an electrical panel (PLC that allows continuous optimization).
  • Humidifier pack with high water retention capacity in flocked PVC (very short wetting cycles).
  • Adiabatic circuit, protected inside, designed to recover water without requiring treatment.
  • Double V coils. EC fans for low electrical use and noise.
  • Support carpentry made of press-folded galvanized sheet metal and subsequently protected by an epoxy paint cycle.
  • Each machine can be equipped with accesses for inspections and maintenance of internal parts.
  • No risk of Legionella and aerosol.
  • Cooling capacity from 75 to 1,500 kW.
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    Application Field:

    Sustainability of the Adiabatic Dry Cooler

    Environmental and economic sustainability of PAD-XL W adiabatic cooler

    • Minimal use of water (only for adiabatic operation), useful for facilitating heat transfer (i.e., cooling of the process fluid).
    • Optimized energy use (higher efficiency due to adiabatic supply).
    • Smaller installation spaces compared to the 100% air solution.
    • Falls within the product categories that MITA is able to regenerate.
    • Indication of “carbon footprint” from the MITA team.
    Learn more about the sustainability of MITA cooling solutions

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    Cooling Advisors

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    Preliminary plant evaluation

    The visit to the plant is a fundamental moment to find the right information on your needs, together with your technicians and the engineering firms involved.

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    Complete range of coolers and chillers, dozens of variants for each type, solutions for each application and important customizations: MITA's design is truly tailor-made.