Cooling Needs

Every need has its own technology: which is yours?

Performance, consumption optimization, reduced sound levels: what do you need for your system? Here you will find a list of needs of engineers and plant managers. Each one has its own cooling solutions.

Saving water with cooling technologies

Power of analytics software to cut your bill

Water saving means making ends meet for a plant and supporting the circular economy: cooling technologies must also play their part. Engineers and end-users can make the right choice thanks to increasing ranges of technical solutions and support by advanced analytics software.

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Cooling Technologies_Adiabatic Cooler
Energy Saving with Cooling Technologies

Energy Saving in Cooling Systems

How to cut its use in a few steps

We can select the right cooling system for your sake thanks to advanced energy use analysis software: this is a response to plant managers and engineering firms, who are increasingly focused to green and "bill-cutting" solutions.

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Solutions for Green Refrigerants in Refrigeration

To increase chiller performances

High efficiency, low GWP: this is how commercial and industrial refrigeration carried out with green refrigerants takes place. This is possible with the support of a subcooling unit, which can be easily integrated into the chiller.

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Cooling Technologies in the Supermarkets
Need of Carbon Dioxide Reduction_Photo Mounting for Website

Carbon Footprint Reduction in Cooling

Good for the planet, good for efficiency

It is one of the most important challenges of our time, and it does not translate at all into a critical issue for companies: supporting or following environmental sustainability and circular economy even in cooling, for example, with judicious sorting through advanced software and with remanufactured systems, allows optimizing resources while taking care of the planet. A more than successful combination of ethical development and competitiveness.

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Return on Investment in Cooling Technologies

Innovation pays off over the years

Thinking about the ROI of cooling technologies means balancing innovation and cost in equipment lifecycle: which is the solution? It lies in relying on a good advisor and the widest possible range of coolers. Maybe also on an advanced comparison and analytics software.

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ROI in Cooling Technologies with MITA Efficiency
Sound-Absorbing Solutions in Cooling Technologies

Noise Reduction in Cooling Systems

When performances are silent

Not only do civil and urban contexts prefer cooling systems and low-noise technical solutions: even industries are increasingly sensitive to this issue. Some of the possible solutions are low-speed fans and sound-absorbing technical features.

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Cooling needs at a glance

  • Dirty water to be managed
  • Versatile configurations
  • Low consumption
  • Operational continuity
  • Remote control
  • Lower installation costs
  • Different refrigerants to condense/cool
  • Efficiency
  • High thermal gradients
  • Performance guarantees

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