Salinity Control in Cooling Technologies

Salinity Dosing and Control Stations

for Cooling Tower Water Control

Cooling tower water has to be properly managed to keep the cooler always safe and efficient. Automatic solutions should be preferred. Systems for conditioning product dosing and salinity control: the heart and soul of cooling tower water treatment.

Water management is not a problem.

Water management is not a problem. Water free of salts, calcium and magnesium (responsible for scale) and biocide dosage with sterilizing function.

Water use reduction.

Water use reduction. Specifically designed water treatment reduces purge water quantity.

Advanced consulting.

Advanced consulting. The value of a personal advisor, working alongside the customer for plant management needs.

How they Work

The dosage of product with anti-scaling / anti-corrosion / biocide function is proportional, i.e. dependent on the actual amount of water used.

The salinity concentration is maintained in the correct terms with automatic purge phases timed completely independently of dosage programming.

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    MITA Connect & Cooling Station & PMS Tower for Fonderia Casati_Case Study

    Fonderia Casati is Industry 4.0 also thanks to MITA Cooling Systems

    Fonderia Casati, a historic company in Varese, has understood the importance of industrial process automation to maintain its competitiveness at the European level.

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