Spare Parts

Keep your cooling system efficient and safe by replacing its obsolete components. The result? It will look like a newly installed technology.


To get the maximum performance with minimum energy and management consumption, it is important that your cooler is always maintained at maximum efficiency. Checking the general condition of the main parts (in the case of an evaporative cooling tower: fill pack, motor fan unit, distribution, etc.), allows to maintain the functionality over time. For this purpose MITA offers a wide range of spare parts, solutions to restore and ensure the initial efficiency.

Some advantages of spare parts for cooling towers and other cooling technologies.

  • Set of original spare parts for the first 5 years of operation: at an attractive price.
  • Certainty of immediate availability for original spare parts.
  • Spare parts corresponding to the original on request.

You can also ask MITA Service for maintenance work on evaporative towers, evaporative condensers, adiabatic coolers and chillers of any brand.

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