Cooling Technologies for Plastic Moulding

Cooling Technologies for Plastic and Rubber Processing

The plastics industry has gradually become attentive to operating resource use optimization and environmental sustainability: this is why adiabatic cooling systems seem ideal. Sometimes output temperatures below zero are required: in these cases we go to ad hoc chillers for industrial processes.

Installation Context:

Installation Context: Extrusion, shellac, bioplastic industry, rubber industry, pellet, moulding.


Requirements: low resource use, remote control, low noise, environmental sustainability, temperatures below 0° C.

Overview of Cooling Technologies:

Overview of Cooling Technologies: adiabatic condensers, adiabatic dry coolers, industrial process chillers, remote control systems.

Focus: cooling technologies for plastic molding

Molding is a typical example of a case where cooling technologies can be applied to plastic processing.

The mould is usually completely automatic, so that the opening and the ejection of the part takes place without intervention by the operator.

Inside the mould there are the runners that serve to cool the mould and, above all, the moulded part: for the cooling  it is generally necessary to use a chiller because the temperature of the water has to be very low to obtain a rapid cooling (to avoid material shrinkage and for a higher throughput).

The injection of the melted plastic into the mould is by means of a hydraulic oil system with pumps that have to be water-cooled.

For this section of the process the cooling tower (or another cooling technology) can be used since it requires heat dissipation that does not require a particularly low temperature.

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MITA Cooling Solutions

Industrial Chillers

Industrial Chillers

Output temperatures down to -20 ° and remote control as a standard: the industrial chillers proposed by MITA are suitable for all the industrial processes.

PAD-V Adiabatic Dry Cooler
To Cool Liquids

PAD-V Adiabatic Cooler

Ideal for water saving maintaining a high efficiency. All operations are managed by PLC with the possibility of remote management in “Industry 4.0” mode. Suitable for both industrial and HVAC fields of application.

PAD-V Adiabatic Condenser
for gas condensing

PAD-VR Adiabatic Condenser

Ideal for water saving maintaining a high efficiency. All operations are managed by PLC with the possibility of remote management in “Industry 4.0” mode. Both HVAC and refrigeration sectors can be served.

Industrial Dry Cooler

Industrial Dry Coolers

Ease of installation and use, remote control and zero water use. Industrial dry coolers are the right solution for cooling fluids requiring medium-high output process temperatures.

Spare Parts for Cooling Technologies

Spare Parts

Keep your cooling system efficient and safe by replacing its obsolete components. The result? It will look like a newly installed technology.

PMS Open Circuit Cooling Towers
for Small and Medium Plants

PMS Evaporative Open-Circuit Cooling Tower

It is a cooling tower for industries of any type and for any water quality: very compact, self-supporting, light and long-lasting non-corrodible fiberglass structure.

Open-Circuit Cooling Towers
for medium to large systems

PME-E Open-Circuit Evaporative Cooling Tower

A light and non-corrodible open-circuit evaporative cooling tower: process industry and HVAC operators will be able to count on its multiple versions and ease of transport and installation.

PMM Modular Open Cooling Tower
for Large Industrial Plants

PMM Modular Cooling Tower

This is a series of large industrial cooling towers for power generation, steel and aluminium processing, cogeneration and other large production sites. Efficiency, high performance, reduced installation and transport costs are granted.

PU Field-Erected Cooling Tower

PU Industrial Cooling Tower

The PU series field-erected industrial cooling tower can serve very large plants: especially oil & gas, chemical and power generation. Available for all industrial water. Different materials are supplied according to project needs: concrete, steel, fiberglass and pultruded.

MCT Open Cooling Tower with Centrifugal Fans
with centrifugal fans also with electronic commutation

MCT Open-Circuit Evaporative Cooling Tower

Compact design and reduced dimensions: a range of evaporative cooling towers with centrifugal fans for special space configurations. MCT-EC version available with electronically controlled fans.

Economax Cooling Tower for Ice-Cream parlours
water saving for display cases, batch freezers and pasteurizers

Economax Cooling Tower for Ice-Cream Parlous

Ice cream shops waste from 3,000 to 7,000 euros of water every year to cool their equipment: Economax cooling tower for ice cream shops cut water consumption of display cases, batch freezers and pasteurizers. A compact, silent and environmentally friendly solution.

MCC Closed Cooling Tower
with Fluids to be Kept Unchanged

MCC Closed-Circuit Evaporative Cooling Tower

Some industries need to keep the chemical-physical characteristics of the process fluids unchanged: in these cases, MCC closed-circuit evaporative cooling tower joins the game. Possibility to work in free-cooling mode. MCC-EC version available with electronically controlled fans.

MCC-T Modular Closed-Circuit Cooling Tower
for Large Systems with Fluids to be kept Unchanged

MCC-T Modular Closed-Circuit Evaporative Cooling Tower

MCC-T closed circuit evaporative tower allows to keep process fluids unaltered even in large plants. Some examples of applications: oil & gas, food industries, large paper mills. Easy transport of modules over long distances with reduced costs.

MCE Industrial Condenser
for Gas Condensing

MCE Industrial Condenser

Compact, efficient and easily accessible: MCE industrial condenser ensures refrigeration operators all the operating standards of its own technology class. The typical MITA evaporative coolers’ durability over time is a plus. MCE-EC version available with electronically controlled fans.

Alchemist Adiabatic Subcooler
to Improve the Efficiency in Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration

Alchemist Subcooler

Performance, savings and environmental sustainability thanks to a patented Plug & Play subcooler for refrigeration systems working with R744 (CO2) and fluorinated refrigerants (HCFC, HFC, HFO).

Cooling Stations
for Tower Water Management

MITA Systems Cooling Stations

Complete solutions specifically studied and designed for a more efficient and automatic management of evaporative cooling towers and coolers.

Salinity Control in Cooling Technologies
for Cooling Tower Water Control

Salinity Dosing and Control Stations

Cooling tower water has to be properly managed to keep the cooler always safe and efficient. Automatic solutions should be preferred. Systems for conditioning product dosing and salinity control: the heart and soul of cooling tower water treatment.

MITA Control System Inverter for Cooling Technologies
Inverter for Resourse Optimization

MITA Control System

MITA Control System allows programming and modulating cooler’s performances during its operations in a very simple way. Electricity use optimization is granted.

MITA Internet of Things
for Remote Management of the Cooler

MITA IoT Platform 4.0

Your cooler is transformed into a connected cooler “industry 4.0”: performance, resourse use, maintenance just a click away.

Concrete Tanks for Cooling Towers
for Cooling Tower Water Collection

Reinforced Concrete Tanks

A solution to properly (and separately) manage the hot and cold water of the evaporative system. Valves, solenoid valves, taps and fittings are supplied together with the concrete tanks.

PAD-V Adiabatic Cooler Condenser for a Plastic Processing Line in Italy

Extraordinary water savings for the plastics industry with the MITA adiabatic system

A plastics processing company in the province of Lecco has chosen the PAD-V cooler for the cooling circuit of its production plant: the eco-sustainable system that cuts water and energy bills.

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