Cooling Technologies for Plastic Moulding

Cooling Technologies for Plastic and Rubber Processing

The plastics industry has gradually become attentive to operating resource use optimization and environmental sustainability: this is why adiabatic cooling systems seem ideal. Sometimes output temperatures below zero are required: in these cases we go to ad hoc chillers for industrial processes.

Installation Context:

Installation Context: Extrusion, shellac, bioplastic industry, rubber industry, pellet, moulding.


Requirements: low resource use, remote control, low noise, environmental sustainability, temperatures below 0° C.

Overview of Cooling Technologies:

Overview of Cooling Technologies: adiabatic condensers, adiabatic dry coolers, industrial process chillers, remote control systems.

Focus: cooling technologies for plastic molding

Molding is a typical example of a case where cooling technologies can be applied to plastic processing.

The mould is usually completely automatic, so that the opening and the ejection of the part takes place without intervention by the operator.

Inside the mould there are the runners that serve to cool the mould and, above all, the moulded part: for the cooling  it is generally necessary to use a chiller because the temperature of the water has to be very low to obtain a rapid cooling (to avoid material shrinkage and for a higher throughput).

The injection of the melted plastic into the mould is by means of a hydraulic oil system with pumps that have to be water-cooled.

For this section of the process the cooling tower (or another cooling technology) can be used since it requires heat dissipation that does not require a particularly low temperature.

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