PAD-V Adiabatic Cooler Condenser for a Plastic Processing Line in Italy

Extraordinary water savings for the plastics industry with the MITA adiabatic system

A plastics processing company in the province of Lecco, Italy, has chosen the PAD-V cooler for the cooling circuit of its production plant: the eco-sustainable system that takes to the nth degree the advantage of noticeably cutting water and energy bills. With no loss in efficiency.

  • Plastics industry sensitive to eco-sustainability
  • Selection of an adiabatic cooler with very short wetting cycles
  • Large water savings with adiabatic mode enhanced by flocked PVC exchange pack
Manufacturer of plastic products
Province of Lecco, Northern Italy
Type of interlocutor
End customer
Scope of application
Story in Brief
The client is a manufacturer of plastic products in northern Italy that is sensitive to the issue of eco-sustainable production: the company uses machinery that allows a measurable cut in CO2.
List of customer needs
Acquisition of an environmentally sustainable cooling solution
Technologies provided
Adiabatic dry cooler PAD-V
On-site transportation and installation
Key to success
- Very high water-saving adiabatic solution (flocked PVC adiabatic pack, highly impregnable) - Possibility of no water treatment

1. Client company

The company to which MITA Cooling Technologies supplied PAD-V manufactures plastic vessels with a strong emphasis on the latest style trends and aesthetics: in fact, the company, which has clients all over the world, collaborates with big names in contemporary design.

Not only that. To further distinguish its production from its competitors, it has made environmental sustainability a trademark. As company officials state, “The raw materials used are free of heavy metals that are harmful to the environment”.

Sustainability also applied to production processes: molding presses and chillers used in the plant are of the latest generation and allow for a cut in CO2.
The choice of cooling system followed the same logic.

2. Installation context and requirements

A company that, among the very first needs exposed to our salespeople, placed environmental sustainability of the solution to be acquired as a priority.

The cooling of plastic processing machines was not to result in excessive water and energy use. The company wanted to interpret the already strict local legislation on resource use in the most literal way.

3. Proposed solution

An adiabatic cooler and condenser, sometimes called an adiabatic dry cooler and, improperly, an “adiabatic cooling tower,” during the cold season operates solely through the cooling action of air: in this way, cold outside air reaches the coil circuit directly with the fluid to be cooled. Only during the hot season of the year is the outside air itself cooled adiabatically with water before lapping the coils.

The natural consequence is that, for half of the year, no water needs to be used in the system.

The PAD-V liquid cooler is designed to achieve the following benefits:

  • further savings on water use, thanks to the flocked PVC humidifier pack;
  • very short wetting cycles even during hot periods of the year (approximately 15 seconds every half hour);
  • protection of the adiabatic section from light and external bodies, thanks to PVC grids;
  • automatic management of all operating parameters, pre-set by PLC;
  • zero water treatments required;
  • easy inspectability of internal parts.

The PAD-V adiabatic system complements MITA Cooling Technologies’ wide range of evaporative coolers: different technical solutions for different contexts and requirements.

4. The key to success

Customer companies are always very receptive to the possibility of achieving cooling efficiency but saving resources with adiabatic cooling: an even stronger argument if water use is further optimized with certain technical specifications, such as the adiabatic PVC flocked pack with high impregnability. The possibility of no water treatment is an added advantage.

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