An Adiabatic Condenser for a dairy in Italy

Evaporative and Adiabatic Condenser for a Dairy in the Langhe Region

Langhe, a historic area of Piedmont known for its wines and haute cuisine. MITA Cooling Technologies participated in the modernization of a dairy’s refrigeration system with two heterogeneous solutions: the MCE evaporative condenser and an adiabatic condenser.

  • Dairy in the Langhe with high quality gourmet products, design studio support
  • Provision of two different cooling technologies for heterogeneous needs and refrigerants
  • Covering between 80% and 100% of the heat load of the production plant by one of the solutions provided
Langhe Dairy
Langhe region (Northern Italy)
Type of interlocutor
Engineering Firm
Scope of application
Food Refrigeration
Story in Brief
MITA's client dairy produces and markets butter and cheese from Italian milk: it has great attention to production according to established food traditions, in a historical region (Langhe) known for its culinary tradition. The design firm Telos supported the company in the design of production facilities, integrating ad hoc cooling technologies.
List of customer needs
- Cooling a refrigeration unit with R1234ze refrigerant
- Recovering water from a transcritical R744 refrigeration system, for reuse in heating seasoning rooms
- Scaling up its business to supply large-scale organized retail
Output fluid and temperature
Refrigerant R1234ze (first refrigeration unit)
Technologies provided
- MCE evaporative condenser (for the first refrigeration system)
- Adiabatic condenser (for the second refrigeration system, to R744 transcritical)
Key to success
Reduced energy use and good R.O.I. for both technologies provided
Coverage between 80% and 100% of the heat load of the production plant (with the adiabatic condenser for the R744 transcritical refrigeration system)

1. Installation context and requirements

The expectation of the Langhe dairy was to make a scale-up of its business to supply the large-scale retail trade, with a focus on energy efficiency. The plant solutions adopted therefore had to support this growth, through a two-unit refrigeration system with different objectives.

A first unit needed to be provided for cooling with R1234ze refrigerant. On the other hand, the second, operating with transcritical R744, was to recover high quality water, which was then to be reused in heating the maturing cells.

2. Proposed solutions

For both contexts, the Telos company has provided MITA cooling and condensing solutions: one evaporative and one adiabatic. Specifically, the first of the two refrigeration units is now served by the MCE evaporative condenser: a machine that, thanks to the low installed powers, provides for reduced energy use. The second of the two refrigeration units, the transcritical R744 unit, on the other hand, is supported by the gas cooler. Its electrically controlled fans ensure low energy use.

In addition, adiabatic cooling enables high performance in warm seasons compared with air systems.

3. Results and key success factors

“With the technical solutions adopted in the transcritical R744 unit, we cover between 80 percent and 100 percent heat load of the plant”, says Telos engineer Pasini with satisfaction. MITA Cooling Technologies’ gas cooler also helps support this performance.

The Telos design firm, which accompanies clients from the initial definition of needs to testing and fine tuning, has been following the Langa dairy project since July 2014. Testing took place in July 2017. A special eye in the choice of supplies, by the company’s explicit admission, is always given to the preferable solutions in terms of economic and energy efficiency: hence the decision to invest in MITA machines.

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