Cooling Technologies for Industrial Refrigeration

Evaporative Condensers for a Brewery in Cuba

During 2015, a Cuban brewery needed to replace the ammonia (NH3) condensing system from the compressors of the refrigeration units: MITA Cooling Technologies was involved in the supply of evaporative condensers by the project’s lead machine and equipment manufacturer, also modernizing the production process.

  • Brewer, brokerage of a machine manufacturer
  • Supply of six evaporative condensers
  • Modernization of the plant, increased overall heat output
Cuban Brewery
Type of interlocutor
Machine and plant manufacturer
Scope of application
Beer production (industrial refrigeration)
Story in Brief
The Cuban brewery needed to renovate the cooling section: the opportunity was good to modernize the production plant. The brewer turned to a major German machine and plant manufacturer.
List of customer needs
- Replacement of outdated refrigerant gas (ammonia, NH3) condensers
- Low noise levels
- Low energy use
Output fluid and temperature
Ammonia (NH3) at 35°C (condensation temperature)
Ambient air
28°C wet bulb temperature
Technologies provided
No. 6 MCE 5712 C/S (Container/Special) evaporative condensers: capacity from 120 kW to 2 MW, low-speed electric motors to keep noise down, capacity for container transport
Other special offers
Enlarged coils
- Custom design
- Container transport
Key to success
- Increased overall heat output
- Easy condenser maintenance due to internal inspection accesses
- Easy transportation and final assembly
Increase in total thermal capacity to 6,804 kW

1: Installation context

A Cuban brewery needed to renovate the cooling section of its ammonia (NH3) production plant. The old painted iron condensers were completely corroded and obsolete. Some of the customer’s additional requirements: bsse noise and low energy use by the proposed solution. It was also important to consider the total footprint of the machines, both for overseas transportation and the limited space where the evaporative systems were to be installed.

2. Proposed solution

MITA has built, exported and installed 6 MCE model MCE 5712 Silent C/S (Container/Special) evaporative condensers to meet the critical issues specified by the customer. These condensers offer an extremely small final footprint. These condensers are also made of fiberglass to be incorrodible and ensure a long service life. They are on the other hand designed for transportation in containers, meeting standard dimensions.

The “Silent” version of MCE’s evaporative condensers adopts specific measures to reduce noise, complying with ISO 3744 and EN 13487 standards: these include the use of low-speed electric motors, fans with special aerodynamic profile blades, sound-absorbing sheathing, anti-shock mat made of polypropylene panels, and aphonic air intake caps. The condensing gas coils have also recently been enlarged, providing reduced efficiency and noise. They offer capacity ranging from 120 kW to 2 MW, accessibility through hatches for easy maintenance, and low energy use due to motors directly coupled to axial fans.

3. Results and key success factors

MITA MCE evaporative condensers enabled an overall increase in thermal capacity to 6,804 kW. Thanks to this solution, the overall efficiency of the cooling process has been improved.

In addition, maintenance of the condensers has become easy thanks to internal inspection accesses.

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