MCT Open Cooling Tower with Centrifugal Fans

MCT Open-Circuit Evaporative Cooling Tower

with centrifugal fans also with electronic commutation

Compact design and reduced dimensions: a range of evaporative cooling towers with centrifugal fans for special space configurations. MCT-EC version available with electronically controlled fans.

Indoor application.

Indoor application. Centrifugal fan can better suit different layouts.

Reduced dimensions.

Reduced dimensions. Ideal for confined spaces or indoor.

Corrosion free.

Corrosion free. Extensive use of fiberglass components.

Efficiency and optimal resourse use.

Efficiency and optimal resourse use. MITA solutions are selecterd trough advanced software in order to fit the plant characteristics.

Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0. Possibility of control, monitoring and data collection on company management system.

Electronic Control.

Electronic Control. MCT-EC version available with electronically controlled fans.

How it Works

The MCT open circuit evaporative tower uses the same principle as the PMS and PME-E cooling towers, with the possibility of working in special spatial configurations thanks to the centrifugal fans. It consists of a self-supporting structure made of corrosion-proof fibreglass, including the water collection basin.

The evaporative cooling towers of this series are predominantly employed in air conditioning and refrigeration installations, but also industrial applications with significant low noise criteria are not to be excluded. Just as for all the other MITA series produced for industrial use, it is therefore possible to have MCT towers in the high temperature (ATT) version, that for partially dirty water (N) and that for very dirty water (GS), as well as combined versions.

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    Application Field:

    Technical Specifications

    • Tower body and tank entirely made of fibreglass, corrosion-free material.
    • Fill pack in PVC or PP with a high heat exchange surface.
    • Distribution system in PVC or PP equipped with wide non-clogging PP spray nozzles.
    • Centrifugal motor-fan with transmission belt, low noise levels (option with EC plug fan).
    • Air inlet and outlet silencers available. Capacity: from 28 kW to 1.5MW (indicative capacity referring to a machine, thermal gradient 5°C).
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      Application Field:

      MCT-EC Cooling Tower with Plug Fan

      Version: MCT-EC Open-Circuit Evaporative Cooling Tower with EC Plug Fan

      • Efficient EC fans
      • Non corroding FRP
      • Very low noise
      • Full and simple access for maintenance
      • Sound absorbing silencers as an optional
      • Possibility of indoor installations


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