PMM Open Circuit Cooling Tower for a Cogeneration Plant in Poland

Cogeneration and Trigeneration

Many industries transform heat into electricity and reuse it instead of dissipating it: an example is energy from biomass. A special case is trigeneration (production of electricity, hot and cold): the process takes place using refrigerant fluid (water) in combination with the substance (lithium bromide) used as an absorbent. The latter is to be cooled with an evaporative cooling tower. During the cooling phase, well-defined thermal jumps are often required: 10 ° for biomasses, 15 ° in the case of trigeneration. Remote monitoring systems help keep track of these performances.

Installation Context:

Installation Context: energy from biomass, energy from thermal sources, trigeneration plants.


Requirements: efficiency, performance guarantees, circumscribed output temperatures.

Overview of Cooling Technologies:

Overview of Cooling Technologies: remote control systems, Industrial modular cooling towers.

Cooling technologies for trigeneration: an example

A particular field of co-generation systems  is that of trigenereration that, besides the self-production of electric power also makes it possible to use the thermal energy recovered by the conversion to produce refrigerating energy, that is to say, refrigerated water for conditioning or for industrial processes.

The conversion of thermal energy to refrigerating energy is made possible by the use of the absorption refrigerator cycle in which the functioning is based on the conversion of the refrigerating fluid (water) in combination with the substance (lithium bromide) used as absorbent.

Essentially, the two sections of the system that may require tower water (or a cooler, generically speaking) are the absorption refrigerator unit and the motor-alternator unit.

Cooling & Cogeneration

Cooling Technologies for Cogeneration and Trigeneration

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