Torri di Raffreddamento Modulari per la Cogenerazione in Polonia

Cooling for a Cogeneration Plant in Poland

High cooling efficiency, on-site transportation and installation more than easy: in 2012, MITA Cooling Technologies supplied a Polish power generation company with two PMM modular cooling towers. The success of the supply was ensured by the complete support of MITA and Termster, a local Polish partner, throughout the entire process: from choosing large coolers to their simple installation.

  • Polish company in power generation and oil & gas with 70 years of experience
  • Supply: two large modular cooling towers: efficiency and ease of operation
  • Full support from MITA and the intermediary throughout the project
Polish power generation company
Type of interlocutor
Area Consultant (Termster)
Scope of application
Power Generation, Oil & Gas
Story in Brief
The client MITA is a Polish company specializing in providing power and heat generation solutions. It works both in Poland and abroad. It has 70 years of experience in its field.
List of customer needs
- Process water cooling: high thermal jump, 10°C
- Remarkable water flow rate: 770 mc/h
Output fluid and temperature
Water 26°C (inlet temperature: 36°C)
Ambient air
PTC and electric anti-condensation heater for the motor (against frost)
Powers required
7,7 MW
Transportation needs
Transportation of large cooling systems thousands of miles from the production area
Technologies provided
No. 2 PMM B 55 modular cooling towers: high thermal capacity, modules can be assembled on site
Other special offers
- Certified drop separator
- PTC and electric anti-condensation heater for the motor (against frost)
Construction Pluses
Modules easily transported long distances and assembled
MITA technical supervision during final assembly
Key to success
- Support before, during and after installation by MITA and Termster
- Choice of chillers that are large, given the high thermal jump and substantial water flow rates, but easily transportable due to the modular design
- Ease of cooler maintenance due to removable doors for internal inspection

1. Installation context

In 2012, MITA Cooling Technologies partnered with a Polish company specializing in power generation.

This customer, with over 70 years of experience, still operates both in Poland and abroad. The requirement: process water cooling, considering a high temperature jump (10°C, from the initial 36°C) and a process water flow rate of as much as 770 cu m/h. Required thermal capacity of 7.7 MW.

In addition, given the cold ambient air in the installation area, it was advisable to adopt anti-condensation technical solutions.

2. Proposed solution

MITA has supplied two PMM B 55 modular cooling towers to the Polish customer. These industrial towers have a high thermal capacity and can be easily transported and assembled on site precisely because of the module structure.

Additional supplies for the Polish oil & gas company were certified drip separators and some antifreeze solutions (PTC, anti-condensation electric motor heater).

3. Results and critical success factor

The success of this delivery was driven by several key factors.

First, MITA Cooling Technologies and Termster, a Polish partner, offered comprehensive support before, during, and after installation. Second, the choice of large chillers, combined with the versatility of the modular design, allowed the supply to be managed efficiently. Finally, ease of maintenance thanks to removable doors for internal inspection ensured reliable operation for the client company over time.

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