Industrial Cooling Towers for a Paper Mill in Sweden

Large Industrial Towers for a Paper Mill in Sweden

Maxi size, minimal noise. The PME cooling towers supplied to CAMpreq, installed at a paper mill in central Sweden, combine a design suitable for high water flow rates and solutions to contain noise levels. Gathering information, rendered by those who will be using the evaporative systems in their production facilities, was, as always, crucial.

  • Supply for a Swedish paper mill, support from MITA's national historical partner
  • Cooling towers for significant water flow rates
  • Super Silent version with 16-pole motors and special airfoil
Swedish paper mill
Type of interlocutor
National distributor
Scope of application
List of customer needs
- Considerable flow rate of water to be cooled (about 1,600 cu m/h)
- Limited noise levels
Output fluid and temperature
Water at 31°C (from the initial 49°C)
Technologies provided
No. 4 PME-E 7204 open circuit cooling towers: length 7.2 meters, height 1.2 meters each
Other special offers
"Super Silent" version with 16-pole motors and special airfoil fans
Key to success
- Reduced transportation and installation costs
- Ongoing support from local partner (CAMpreq)
- Durable and easy-to-maintain solution

1. Context of installation

The choice of the best solution was made together with the end user: this is explained by our distributor CAMpreq, who repeatedly made reconnaissance visits to the customer together with MITA’s area manager: “To adapt to site conditions and minimize total installation costs, we made site visits and presented different layout solutions, after which the customer chose”.

2. The proposed solution

Two elements were decisive in the sizing of the tower: the large water flow rate to be cooled, which is about 1,600 cu m/h, and the simultaneous stringent noise limits. Consequently, a customized solution was realized with 4 open-circuit cooling towers type PME-E 7204 in Super Silent execution.

The towers, each 7.2 meters long, mount four vertical layers of heat exchange packs: 1.2 meters high allowing a final thermal jump of as much as 18 degrees (from 49 inlet water to 31 outlet water).

3. Additional technical specifications

Four towers of considerable size but low noise, according to the customer’s specific requirements. The installed “Super Silent” version uses 16-pole motors and fans with a special airfoil. This is a solution that makes it possible to significantly reduce pressure and sound power levels while at the same time minimizing installed power. The latter element will result in significant energy savings, which is already explicitly appreciated by the customer.

To further lower sound levels, MITA also provided anti-spill mats in the catch basins and sound-absorbing ear muffs: both of which are useful in minimizing the noise component associated with water falling into the basin.

In agreement with the client, PME-E towers were also opted for instead of field-mounted (field-erected) towers to minimize installation time.

From Italy to central Sweden, the four MITA cooling towers were moved over 2,000 km by intermodal transport: truck, rail, boat, again truck. To be finally placed on the roof of a building, specially arranged by the customer to collect water from the circuit.

4. The key to success

Having a trusted national partner for many years is a plus to best follow the customer during all project phases: even following in detail the end user’s requests, CAMpreq and MITA were able to cut down on transportation and installation costs.

In addition to this, some construction features, typical of MITA Cooling Technologies’ evaporative towers, should be listed that convinced the end user: incorrodible fiberglass as the material of use, large side doors for inspections, and easy internal maintenance.

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