Frequently asked questions about cooling technologies

What is the difference between evaporative and adiabatic cooling? In which cases should you choose an open- or closed-loop cooling tower? What is subcooling? A continuously updated section to answer frequently asked questions in the industrial and civil fields.

Alchemist Adiabatic Subcooler

What is subcooling in refrigeration systems and how can it be achieved?

Subcooling is the reduction of the temperature of the refrigerant leaving the condenser.

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What benefit does subcooling bring to the refrigeration cycle?

Subcooling results in an increase in the cooling capacity of the system, hence electrical savings and a higher COP (coefficient of performance).

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What is Alchemist, the adiabatic subcooler?

Alchemist is a patented solution from MITA Cooling Technologies that combines the useful effect of subcooling with the natural and efficient operating principle of an adiabatic cooler in a single device.

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How does Alchemist, the adiabatic subcooler, work?

A fan draws in a portion of air from the outside environment and then runs it through a finned coil inside which circulates the refrigerant to be subcooled.

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What refrigerants can Alchemist handle?

Alchemist can be used with any type of refrigerant.

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Which sub-cooled refrigerant gives particular advantages?

The thermophysical characteristics of R744 make this refrigerant perfect for subcooling.

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Why choose Alchemist over a common adiabatic gas cooler in a system with R744?

An adiabatic gas cooler must adiabatically cool the entire air flow rate of the gas cooler itself, Alchemist works only on the subcooling air flow rate.

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Where to use Alchemist?

Downstream of a gas cooler in R744 systems, we have several references in commercial refrigeration, or combined with a refrigeration unit.

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What maintenance does Alchemist require?

Alchemist is designed to bring efficiency to the system, which is why it does not require frequent or special maintenance operations.

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What are the requirements associated with installing a subcooler?

Availability of mains water and a discharge point, an electrical connection, and a junction between the Alchemist coil and the refrigerant line.

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Is the subcooler a sustainable solution?

Certainly. The subcooler is an environmentally sustainable solution because it provides an efficiency "boost" with each installation (COP increase).

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