WWTP Plant in Sweden #1

Cooling Revamp of a Wastewater Treatment Plant

In 2019, MITA Cooling Technologies sold 4 PME-E open circuit cooling towers to a Swedish paper mill. The “Super Silent” version of the PME-E makes it possible to meet the customer’s extraordinary low sound level requirements.

  • Paper mill, wastewater cooling section, Sweden
  • Supply of four open-circuit cooling towers
  • Energy use reduction up to 50%
Swedish paper mill
Type of interlocutor
Local distributor
Scope of application
Paper mill, wastewater cooling
List of customer needs
Special noise requirements
Short project delivery times
Powers required
16.5 MW
Technologies provided
No. 4 PME 7204 E K19 Super Silent +WA +C
Other special offers
Single exit, short side
Enlarged access panels and special inspection/manhole position
Tank support frame
C4H special materials
Level switch in low position
Key to success
Adaptation to the site with different solutions
Possibility for the customer to check customizations in progress
Low sound level (low installed powers)

1. Installation context

In 2019, a Swedish paper mill required the supply of cooling towers for its wastewater treatment section. The supply had to meet special noise requirements and short project lead times. The required capacity was 16.5 MW.

2. Proposed solution

MITA Cooling Technologies supplied four open-loop cooling towers of the PME 7204 E K19 Super Silent + WA + C model. This “Super Silent” version of the PME-E cooling towers allows the customer’s requirements for low sound levels to be met. The cooling towers were designed to reduce noise both related to the fan assembly and to the water falling into the tank: therefore, solutions such as 16-pole motors, special blade shapes, sound-absorbing mats in the tank, and silencers on the air intakes were adopted.

The proposed solution also included some customizations, such as single outlet on the short side, enlarged access panels with special inspection/manhole position, support frame for the tank, special C4H materials, and a level switch in the low position.

3. Results and critical success factor

The solution provided was successful due to the adaptation to the installation site with different solutions, the possibility for the customer to verify customizations during construction, and the low sound levels due to the low installed powers.

The use of oversized cooling towers made it possible to reduce the required air flow and pressure drop in the cooling pack, allowing the use of a smaller motor at lower speeds. This resulted in significant energy savings compared to the standard model, reducing energy use by about 50 percent.

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