Cooling Towers for Coca Cola Ukraine_Case Study

Industrial Cooling Tower for Coca Cola in Kiev

A MITA cooling system serving one of the world’s most celebrated multinational food & beverage companies: the Kiev-based Coca-Cola now uses a PME-E evaporative tower for its production facilities.

  • Large multinational food & beverage company
  • Provision of cooling tower and control panel through local partner
  • Automation of cooling operation parameters
Coca-Cola HBC Ucraina, Armenia e Moldavia
Type of interlocutor
National distributor
Scope of application
Food industry
Story in Brief
Coca-Cola HBC is a licensee of The Coca-Cola Company for the manufacture of its finished products in 28 domestic markets in Europe: MITA supplied its solutions to the Ukrainian facility. The supply was supervised and facilitated by Compressors International, a multinational company based in Ukraine.
List of customer needs
Optimization and automation of resources used (water and energy)
Powers required
970 kW
Technologies provided
- No. 1 open circuit cooling tower PME 2054 E CW
- MCS - MITA Control System control panel for automation of operating parameters
Other special offers
Anti-condensation heater
Key to success
- Optimization of all input resources (water, energy) by automatic control system
- Continuous support from MITA's national partner (Compressors International)

1. Installation context

Coca-Coka HBC needed a new cooling section for its production processes: one of the requirements made clear from the drafting of the offer to Compressors International, aprtner MITA in Ukraine, was the optimization and automation of the resources used (water and energy).

2. The proposed solution

All MITA industrial cooling towers, including open circuit cooling towers, are made of fiberglass: thus incorrodible and long-lasting. Maintenance is simplified by the wide accesses. All this allows the end user (in the food industry or other production areas) to reduce and simplify maintenance of the cooling system.

An added value of PME installation for Coca Cola is then given by MCS – MITA Control System . That is, a control panel equipped with an inverter that enables certain benefits:

  • saving of electrical energy,
  • reduced wear and tear of electromechanical parts resulting in lower maintenance costs,
  • reduction in water use,
  • reduction of costs related to water treatment,
  • decreased noise.

3. The key to success

An optimization of all input resources helps companies in the process industry lower production costs and ultimately gain a competitive advantage. This is all the more true for a large international food group.

The supply was overseen and facilitated by Compressors International, a multinational company based in Ukraine and a distributor of compressor equipment-this collaboration is an additional element of value for the end user.


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