Torri di Raffreddamento Chiuse per Laboratorio Rotordinamica Università di Pisa

Closed-Cooling Towers for the Rotor Dynamics Lab (University of Pisa)

MITA Cooling Technologies and technology research in academia: in 2015, we participated in the tender for the cooling system of the 2 engine test benches attached to the Rotordinamica Laboratory of the University of Pisa. The result was the installation of a closed-loop MCC evaporative cooling tower.

  • Modernization of a laboratory at the University of Pisa, purpose energy efficiency
  • Provision of a closed-loop, low-noise, easy-to-maintain solution
  • Service: coloring with RAL indicated by the customer
University of Pisa (Rotor Dynamics Lab)
Pisa, Tuscany (Italy)
Type of interlocutor
End customer
Scope of application
Mechanical engineering, public sector
Story in Brief
The University of Pisa was established in 1343 and is one of the oldest academic centers in Europe. Its Rotordynamics Laboratory, dedicated to the study of dynamics and diagnostics of rotating machinery issues, is a 200-square-meter facility located within the San Rossore Protected Park.
List of customer needs
- Cooling of the 2 motor test benches connected to the Rotordynamics Laboratory (within the framework of plant modernization for energy efficiency)
- Preservation of the quality of the test bench fluid
- Low noise levels (work environment)
- Special coloring of the solution
Output fluid and temperature
Water, 35°C (from 50°C at the inlet)
Powers required
- 3.3 kW for the motors - 1.5 kW for the water recirculation pump
Technologies provided
- No.1 closed circuit cooling tower MCC E3-09 Silent
- Water collection tank
Other special offers
Coloring of the cooling tower and tank with the RAL specified by the customer
Construction Pluses
Silent version for low noise levels (low-speed electric motors, sound-absorbing casing)
On-site transportation and installation
Key to success
- Fiberglass solution, non-corrosive and long-lasting
- Easy maintenance, thanks to removable walls for internal inspection

1. Installation context

The Rotor Dynamics Lab, attached to the University of Pisa’s Turbomachinery Mechanics Research Center, was to be expanded and modernized as part of the Athens Project (Advanced Technologies for ENergy Efficiency): an initiative co-funded by the Tuscany Region and developed by UniPisa’s Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering. The aim of the Project: to stimulate industrial research and technology transfer in Tuscany, also involving SMEs.

The Laboratory’s test benches (of about 1 MW total operating power) had one need in particular: namely, to preserve the quality of the cooling fluid, which should not come into contact with air.
For this, the ideal solution was the closed circuit: in this situation, the fluid remains confined to the metal coils and is cooled by a secondary amount of cooler water.

2. Proposed solution

The closed circuit cooling tower MCC E3-09 SILENT, installed in conjunction with the motor test benches, specifically supports the ability to maintain the process fluid unchanged.

As in other civilian contexts, it was necessary to limit the generated noise. For this reason, the “Silent” version of the evaporative tower incorporates some features: electric motors with a low number of revolutions, directly coupled to fans with aerodynamic profile blades, and sound-absorbing casing.

The MCC tower installed dissipates a power of 700 kW. The incoming fluid temperature is 50°C, the outgoing temperature is 35°C, while the installed electrical power is 3.3 kW for the motors and 1.5 kW for the water recirculation pump.

3. The key to success

The technicians at the University of Pisa particularly appreciated some specific technical features of the MITA closed circuit tower:

  • The fiberglass structure, which is corrosion-resistant.
  • The fully openable walls to allow easy, fast, and complete access to the internal parts.
  • Additionally, the side walls and the water collection basin were made with a special coloration, according to the specific RAL requested by the customer.
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Torri di Raffreddamento Chiuse per Laboratorio Rotordinamica Università di Pisa

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